From the Director

Thank you to last night’s guest speaker, Kent Fahrenbruck, from Character First/Strata Leadership for his wonderful presentation on Raising Kids of Character, and thank you to those parents who attended his session.  Kent is clearly very passionate about the importance of modeling strong character for our kids.  As the father of five children (grandfather of twelve), the wisdom and experience he was able to share from his own experience and his knowledge about character development was invaluable.  Here is a brief synopsis of the key character messages from his presentation:

  • Character touches everything we do.  It takes character to be responsible, treat others with respect, and build healthy relationships.
  • Families have primary responsibility for character development; schools support home character efforts.
  • Be intentional about ’teaching’ and modeling character qualities in your home.  Set aside time each week for family discussion about character that ‘educate’ everyone.
  • Evaluate your progress.  Be sure to notice when family members demonstrate good character and let them know that you noticed.
  • Don’t forget to celebrate evidence of character.  Encourage family members to ‘catch’ each other doing something good! This works well at work and school, too.
  • When correcting a child’s behavior, remember that it is character that allows you to also restore the relationship after the correction.  Correcting is not just about punishment. Spend time discussing the root issues and how actions reflect our inner character
  • Never underestimate the power of modeling good character.  Our children watch us and learn! Always LEAD by example.
  • Character building is hard work, and it doesn’t happen over night.  Consistency is key.  Make up your mind to emphasize character on a regular basis, and stick with the plan.  
  • Kids of strong character tend to demonstrate GRIT more often and more easily. Help your child become a gritty kid and he/she will have the confidence to tackle life’s challenges down the road.

Kent ended his presentation by referencing a book:  Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World, by Virginia Dennison Smith.  This book is really a handbook for parents and teachers that is filled with ideas, suggestions and stories to assist the reader with their character development plans.  You can order a copy by emailing Kent at: kfahrenbruck@strataleadership.com

As a school leader, I am passionate about building students of character!  It is as important to their future success as their academic progress.  And, more and more, employers are telling Kent, “Send us applicants with strong character and we’ll train them.’ They prefer this to the alternative, which is competent applicants with little to no character. Think about it…

Thank you for allowing us to partner with you on the Character Development journey.

2016 Annual Giving Campaign – Final Days

Thank you to ALL of the PCK families that contributed to the Annual Giving Campaign. In the last 3 weeks, we raised $69,280 for our school from 44% of our families. Please know that it is NEVER too late to make a contribution to our school. The Foundation accepts donations any time of the year through a link on the school website or by check. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your contributions are tax deductible. Also, if you work for a matching gift company, please complete your necessary paperwork ASAP. On November 22, Teri Aplin drew the following names to win reserved parking for a month. The winners are:

  • December: James & Jani Brunner
  • January: Michael & Kelli Hroncheck
  • February: Jeff & Yvette Fonda
  • March: KC & Elissa Coors
  • April: Scott & Stephanie Miller
  • May: Stephen & Lisha Curtis

Thank you to the following families that generously supported PCK in the final week of the 2016 Annual Giving Campaign:

Stephan & Kelly Aguirre Eric & Deb Eldred Stephen & Melanie ParkerHaase
Curt & Kim Anderson Suzanne Fastje Yogesh & Nethra Patil
Darian & Jennifer Anderson Cliff & Kristi Fitch Patrick & Brooke Patterson
John & Kenna Anderson Rich & Mary Flammini Chad & Elizabeth Pendy
Zach & Kelly Anderson Matthew & Julie Fox Douglas & Deborah Pollack
Zerrel & Talitha Appel Zachariah & Robin Frey Doug & Jessica Price
Chris Bachmann Ben & Kim Garneau Thomas & Christina Reifsteck
Venugopal Balakrishnan Michael & Joanne Gaskill Shane & Sanya Richardson
Bret & Amy Baird Jason & Genie Hamilton Chris & Stephanie Schannuth
Troy & Amy Bargman Pamela Hartford Scott & Susan Schoenig
Joseph & Wendy Benedetto Gregory & Rebecca Harvey Amol & Shefali Shah
Rion Buswell & Angela Rachubinski Edward & Patricia Hennessy Brady & Stephanie Siegrist
Jason & Jaime Brandon Danny Hutama & Kiem Thang Joseph & Andrea Simmons
John & Michelle Briest Dennis & Julia Hutchison Tom & Teresa Smith
Matthew & Stephanie Bryant William & Eugenia Jaeger Jonathan & Kimberlee Spencer
Michael & Tricia Calandra Arod & Glorie Javier Trevor & Tiffany Spencer
Tom & Kristen Campbell Sam & Misty Jenkins Brandon & Patsy Stewart
Mike & Susie Carwin Eric & Kathy Johnson Robert & Autumn Stone
Jayapal & Chaitanya Chilukoori Michael & Michelle Jones Brian & Teresa Taylor
Charles & Julie Choe Bill & Natasa Kallergis Jason & Beth Teran
John & Tracey Christopher Tedd & Leah Kersey Jonathan & Kelli Thiessen
Liam & Stephanie Clarke Craig & Tracy Kindred Graham & Vanessa Torrey
David & Stephanie Coe Christel Kozar Raymond & Suzanne Velasquez
Christopher & Trish Cook Jeff & Sarah LaGrange Nick & Alison Vuolo
Jeff & Jen Craven Jon & Mary Lawritson Debbie Waltz
Christopher & Rebecca Dean Timothy & Susan Maestas Mitch & Suzanne Wettstein
Michael & Renee Derrick Kevin & Tracey McKee Blake & Andrea Wetzel
Robert & Khela Dody Jeff & Mary Meadows Brandon & Kristin Wilson
Jason & Amy Dow-Peterson William & Cynthia Mills Chris & Shelby Wooten
Christian & Shannon Dudnick Mike & Mary Mockus Nick & Corey Yanzito
David & Melissa Edwards Owen & Vicky Myran Linda Zoz
John & Julie Edwards Keith & Heather Newbrough  
Sheldon & Holly Eike Kelley Ortelli  
Participation reward:  If 75% of families participate, Mrs. Aplin will reward us with an ALL-SCHOOL dress down day!

It’s not too late!

Food Drive Going on Now


Cardel Homes, a local developer who owns property in the Lincoln Creek development adjacent to PCK, has challenged PCK and Northstar Academy to a food drive competition. Between Nov. 28th and Dec. 9th, the school that collects the most items will receive a generous monetary gift from Cardel Homes.  The Parker Task Force will be the recipient of the donated items.

Link to Parker Task Force “Needs List”

P.S. Just got notice that Northstar has more then us!!  Yikes – bring on those donations!!

December Celebrations in Display Case

Each December the school invites student/families to display an item that represents what they may celebrate during the month.  Please feel free to bring in an item (labeled with family name) to the front office and we will add it to the display case.  

Holiday Cardschristmas_cards_hanging

Do you have a fun, family holiday card?  We love to display all of our families cards around the front desk. Send one in with your student and we will hang it up. Thanks. 

Open Enrollment in District 

Round One applications are accepted for the following school year on a space available basis. Waiting lists, which are prioritized according to Board of Education Policy JCA/JFB-R, will be created if the number of applicants exceeds space available at the requested school. NOTE: Round One applications are NOT “first come, first served,” You may request open enrollment at any time up to January 5. Round One applications are granted on a space available basis. 

DCSD Website 


As you know, PCK has made a significant shift in Technology instruction in the past couple of years. In addition to more hands-on technology, we have added the 21st Century Skills of communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and character. These lessons extend beyond the technology lab, into all areas of the school. Teachers were formally trained on these skills and began to intertwine them into their regular classroom instruction.
In Technology class, we focus on these skills every day. We hope our students will leave PCK with the confidence to be innovators, and not just consumers of technology. Next week, we’ll participate in the annual Hour of Code, which allows students to further hone their critical thinking and creativity skills, as well as further understanding of what’s going on “under the hood” of their computers.

phone_donationIn an effort to create a class set of iPhones to be used for Google Expeditions throughout the school, we are soliciting donations of iphones 6 or 6s from families that may otherwise turn them into their carrier this holiday season. We plan to offer a $150 tax credit (based on current market value of the models) for each phone. 
For more information on Google Expeditions, please go to this link.
PLEASE DO NOT SEND PHONES INTO THE SCHOOL OR DROP OFF. Simply email Jeanne Reslan at jreslan@ckcs.net for more information on this process. Thank you so much for your generosity. 

Need a New Car Emblem?

The PTA is sending home new PCK car emblems for each family today in Thursday folders.  Show your PCK pride!

P.S. Let’s also show off those Blue Ribbon Award car magnets…..


(Magnet proudly displayed on PCK family car)


Home for the Holidays Concert Series

Grade Level Performances

Friday, Dec. 9th   
3rd Grade 2:15 – 2:45 p.m. Gym
4th Grade 4:00 – 4:30 p.m. Gym
6th Grade Band/Choir 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Gym
Monday, Dec. 12
 5th Grade/Kennedy Holiday Open House 2:15 – 3:00 p.m. Elem Lunchroom
Tuesday, Dec. 13
 5th Grade/Bloyer Holiday Open House 2:15 – 3:00 p.m. Elem Lunchroom
 Wednesday, Dec. 14
 Middle School Band  2:15 – 2:45 p.m Music Room
 5th Grade/Warburton Holiday Open House 2:15 – 3:00 p.m. Elem Lunchroom
Thursday, Dec. 15
Kindergarten 2:15 – 2:24 p.m.  Gym
Friday, Dec. 16
1st Grade 9:00 – 9:30 a.m. Gym
2nd Grade 10:00 – 10:30 a.m. Gym
Students are asked to dress up in festive Holiday attire, or wear their uniform to school.
Please consider carpooling to concerts as parking is limited. 

Do some holiday shopping at PCK!!

PCK Spirit Merchandise is available for sale!


Lost & Found
Missing anything???……….. 

Lost and Found is taking over the front entrance! Help! Please take a look at our wide variety of coats, sweatshirts, water bottles, packs and miscellaneous clothing items. 

Thank You

To our wonderful Hearing and Vision volunteers: Sarah Lastar, Migui Miller, Meena Vairavan, Allison Sampson, Chaitanya Chilukoori, Jennifer Anderson, Eric Cobb, Angela Rachubinski, Sanya Richardson, Sireesha Alla, Tamara Engelhardt, Heather White, Khela Dody, Kathy McCafferty and Brianne Bauer. 

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