From The Director

Dear PCK Parents,

We understand that students learn best when they feel safe at school, and our parents need to know their children are secure while in our care. Safety is a top priority for us. Because we take this responsibility so seriously, we continually research and implement best practices regarding school security. Additionally, we also value the contribution and participation of parents in our school community. We couldn’t do all that we do without you, and we want it to be simple for you to come visit or volunteer, and to have your visit and volunteer hours accurately recorded.

In January we will be rolling out the first phase of a new visitor/volunteer check-in system at our front desk. The new system is called Raptor. It is widely used throughout Douglas County, and is the leading visitor management system in the country.

Like our current system, Raptor signs in visitors, checks all names against the national sex offender registry, and records volunteer hours… all in the time it takes to print your name tag. When you sign in, a personalized name tag complete with your picture will automatically be printed for you to wear; you will no longer receive a green Visitor sticker.

We will be sending out additional information about how the new check-in procedure will work, but for now, please note that the next time you check in at the front desk you will need to bring your driver’s license (or government-issued ID). It will be scanned and used to set you up in the Raptor system. It will take a couple of extra minutes to get you set up, so please allow a little extra time on your first visit in January.

Also, we are now greeting all visitors over the intercom in the front vestibule. While we know and recognize most PCK parents, this added security measure allows us to greet all visitors to PCK in the same manner. We thank you for understanding that when we don’t immediately release the front door at the ringing of the doorbell alone, it is not because we are being unfriendly or don’t recognize you; we are simply working hard to create a new safe greeting procedure that is applied consistently to all visitors and volunteers. In this spirit, we ask that when in the building you do not open the door for other parents or visitors to the school, or allow other parents/visitors to enter the building along with you after you are buzzed in.  Only the front office teams in both the Main building and in our Preschool Office will release the door allowing entry. Again, all of this is a coordinated effort to keep our students and staff safe.

Please keep an eye out for additional information about our new check-in system, and please don’t hesitate to call our front desk at 303-840-7070 if you have any questions.


Teri Aplin

Don’t Miss Spirit Night At Chipotle

Our next Spirit Night is Tuesday, December 18 at the Chipotle at 18701 E. Mainstreet in Parker (please note – this is a different location from our last Chipotle Spirit Night). Make plans to enjoy a tasty dinner while supporting our school, and be sure to tell the cashier you are with PCK so the school can receive a donation of 33% of the event’s proceeds.

Dress Down Day Next Friday

Friday, December 21 is a dress down day for the last Friday of the month that we have school.

Parking At PCK

image of a red car

When we have special events at PCK, such as the upcoming holiday parties and concerts, our parking lot fills up. Additional parking is available in the lot on Center Park Loop, and there are marked parking spots around the loop.

Please, do not park in the neighborhood, in the townhouse complex across from PCK, anywhere that is not designated as a parking space, or on Centennial Drive at any time. Please note that parking in the townhouse complex or anywhere that is not a designated parking space (including all of Centennial Drive) may result in towing.

We strive to be good neighbors and we need your help. Please share this information with grandparents, other relatives, friends, or anyone else you invite to share in the fun at PCK.

It’s That Time Of Year Again…

tissue boxThe winter sniffles have hit PCK and we are out of tissues! We are asking every student to bring in one box of tissues by next Thursday to (hopefully) get us through the winter. Thanks for your help!

Our Students Honestly Show Great Character

Last Friday we had our monthly Character Assembly on our next featured trait – Honesty! The following students were recognized in the assembly for demonstrating great character:

Catie C. – Helpfulness
Eli D. – Compassion
Maddie D. – Respect
Dylan E. – Compassion
Jack M. – Respect, Responsibility, Ready to Participate
Nico M. – Dependability
Elliana R. – Patience, Friendship, Compassion
Aanya S. – Compassion, Initiative

Students receiving character awards are given a special t-shirt they can wear on assembly days (typically the first Friday of the month that we have school). Keep up the great work, character leaders!

Introducing My School Bucks

When you click on PCK Web Stores to make a school purchase, you will see something new. We joined DCSD in transitioning from RevTrak to My School Bucks for processing payments on things like field trip fees, lunch beverage cards, after-school activities, athletics, and more.

You will need to create a My School Bucks account (unless you already have an account for a student in a neighborhood school, then you just need to add your PCK student to your account) using your student’s name and either birthday or student ID number. Click here for instructions on how to set up an account.

PLEASE CONTINUE ORDERING LUNCHES THROUGH WHOLESOME FOOD SERVICES, NOT MY SCHOOL BUCKS. You will see an option for “Meal Accounts” in My School Bucks, but this is only for schools using DCSD Nutrition Services for their lunch provider. PCK only uses Wholesome Food Services, so lunches must be ordered through them directly.

If you have questions about My School Bucks, please contact Sandy Higgins or Sheree Gerhard.

It’s Holiday Concert Time!

music staff in the form of a Christmas tree

‘Tis the season for our Music Department’s annual holiday concerts. All parents are invited, and you won’t want to miss this special tradition.

Concert Attire: Students may dress up in their festive holiday attire, or may wear their uniforms to all of the concerts.

Parking Considerations: Because parking is limited at PCK, carpooling is always encouraged. Additional parking is available in the lot on Center Park Loop, as well around the loop. Please, do not park in the neighborhood, in the townhouse complex adjacent to PCK, or on Centennial Drive at any time. Parking for after-school concerts (4:15 pm start times) will be available after 3:45. Please do not arrive before 3:45 since we will still be running carpool through both lots.

Middle School Band – December 13th at 2:15pm

3rd Grade – December 14th at 2:15pm

4th Grade – December 14th at 4:15pm

Kindergarten (Full Day Only) – December 20th at 2:15pm

6th Grade Band and Choir – December 20th at 4:15pm

1st Grade – December 21st at 9:00am

2nd Grade – December 21st at 10:00am

Nominate An Outstanding Teacher/Staff Member For The NEW Apple Awards

DCSD recognizes exceptional teachers and staff members across the District with the Apple Awards. This year there is a new, easier nomination process, and a celebration for the nominees that honors their hard work and achievement in a fun way. Get the details on the new process here. You can nominate a PCK teacher or staff member who has made a difference in your child’s life at www.foundationdcs.org/nominate until January 11, 2019.

Did You Know…

question mark bubblesBig news was just released about children’s brains and screen time. Researchers studied 4,500 9- and 10-year-olds and found that those spending 7 or more hours a day using any type of screen showed a premature thinning of the cerebral cortex. Click here to learn what that means and why it matters.

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