From the Director

Did you know… there is a Parent Resources page on the PCK website designed just for you?  The Parent Resources link (menu on left side of home page) will take you to important information specifically for parents. We recently posted a Safety & Security link on that page to an overview and map of our Emergency Reunification Process,  as well as our Safety and Security protocol.  The reunification process details how we will conduct an emergency, offsite ‘reunification’ of parents and students.  For example, if we had a gas leak (fire, water main break, etc.) here in the building and needed to evacuate, we would move all students to our nearby reunification site and dismiss in a very orderly fashion. In more serious situations, or in extreme weather conditions, we would bus all of our students to Chaparral High School and run our reunification process from there.  During all of our safety planning and training, the experts have repeatedly stressed that the key to a smooth reunification process involves all parents knowing about, and strictly following, the plan as it is laid out…so advanced communication, as well as timely communication during the event, is imperative.  If you visit the Parent Resources page on our website, you can bring yourself up to speed on our reunification procedure.

Other great pieces of information available on the Parent Resources page of our website include, but are not limited to:
  • Parent Education Series (PES) schedule
  • GoMath Resources 
  • Field Trip Forms
  • DCSD Parent Resource Guide
  • Dennis Uniform link
  • Photo Sharing link
  • Other tips and information of interest to parents
If you haven’t already done so, please take a minute to familiarize yourself with the Parent Resources page on the PCK website, and specifically the link to review the Emergency Reunification Process.  Hopefully, we never need to implement this emergency process, but it is important that everyone be on the same page as to how the process will work.
Thank you for taking a few minutes to review the posted reunification material, which helps us maintain the safety and security of our students and staff at all times.
Link to Parent Resources …… then go to Safety & Security link please. 

Bring a can of food tomorrow (Friday) . . . . . .  get to dress down tomorrow (Friday). 


Food Drive Ends Tomorrow! 

November Character Certificate Recipients 

2016 Annual Giving Campaign – Wrap Up

Before we take off for the Holiday break, we want to give you a final wrap-up from our Annual Giving Campaign.  Our current money raised is at $69,530 from 196 (45%) of our families.  We are SO grateful for the generosity of those that supported our campaign and wish everyone Happy Holidays. We will email a final update as well with more statistics.  If you did not get a chance to donate, it’s NEVER too late.  Additionally, there will be another opportunity to support the Foundation at PCK in our Spring Fundraising Gala and/or Spring FunD Run!  If you have paperwork for matching funds from your employer, please try to complete it before year-end.  Thank you again!

Once again, thank you to ALL of our donors in this year’s campaign!

Ashish Agrawal Jeff & Yvette Fonda Steve & Amanda O’Connor
Stephan & Kelly Aguirre Matthew & Julie Fox Susan O’Dell-Cunningham
Curt & Kim Anderson Zachariah & Robin Frey Patrick & Kim O’Toole
Darian & Jennifer Anderson Ben & Kim Garneau Kelley Ortelli
John & Kenna Anderson Michael & Joanne Gaskill Stephen & Melanie ParkerHaase
Zach & Kelly Anderson Britany Gomez Yogesh & Nethra Patil
Zerrel & Talitha Appel Bill & Sarah Gustashaw Patrick & Brooke Patterson
Chris Bachmann Matt & Gretchen Halker Chad & Elizabeth Pendy
Hoon Bae & Heejeong Lee Jason & Genie Hamilton Kristi Pengilly
Venugopal Balakrishnan Tommy & Staci Han Douglas & Deborah Pollack
Bret & Amy Baird Andrew Hartford James & Jennifer Powell
Troy & Amy Bargman Pamela Hartford Erik & Angela Preston
Kevin & Kammi Beck Gregory & Rebecca Harvey Doug & Jessica Price
Joseph & Wendy Benedetto Christopher & Leslie Hathaway Jennifer Quint
John & Susan Bennett Phil & Susan Henderson Thomas & Christina Reifsteck
Samiksha Bindra & Vaneet Gupta Edward & Patricia Hennessy Doug & Kristi Resler
Michael & Irene Borisov Chris & Christine Hoer Shane & Sanya Richardson
Jason & Jaime Brandon Young & Seyeon Hong Travis & Sarah Rosenau
John & Michelle Briest Craig & Patricia Hopkins Steven & Laura Saba
James & Jani Brunner Michael & Kelli Hroncheck Stacey Scaravelli
Matthew & Stephanie Bryant Danny Hutama & Kiem Thang Josh & Ashley Scarlett
Brian & Carol Burk Dennis & Julia Hutchison Chris & Stephanie Schannuth
Rion Buswell & Angela Rachubinski William & Eugenia Jaeger Scott & Susan Schoenig
Michael & Tricia Calandra Arod & Glorie Javier Amol & Shefali Shah
Charles & Tammy Caldwell Sam & Misty Jenkins Andrew & Amber Shinn
Tom & Kristen Campbell Jeff & Allison Jensen Jon & Tara Shinnick
Lucas & Katherine Carroll Gaudy Jimenez & Shahram Brady Siegrist
Mike & Susie Carwin Eric & Kathy Johnson Joseph & Andrea Simmons
Daniel & Heather Chapman Michael & Michelle Jones David & Blaise Singer
Jayapal & Chaitanya Chilukoori Bill & Natasa Kallergis Don & Elizabeth Sjaastad
Charles & Julie Choe Robert & Alison Kedrowski Tom & Teresa Smith
John & Tracey Christopher Matt & Tracy Keil Jonathan & Kimberlee Spencer
Liam & Stephanie Clarke Chip & Cathy Kerkhove Trevor & Tiffany Spencer
David & Stephanie Coe Tedd & Leah Kersey Tom & Jill Sprankle
Jason & Nickie Cole Craig & Tracy Kindred Andrew & Jennifer Stef
Christopher & Trish Cook Paul Koch Brian & Doreen Sternkopf
K.C. & Elissa Coors Christel Kozar Brandon & Patsy Stewart
Jeff & Jen Craven Jeff & Sarah LaGrange Robert & Autumn Stone
Stephen & Lisha Curtis Kraig & Traci Landers James & Sarah Strahan
John & Joey Dame Tom & Donna Lantz Brian & Teresa Taylor
Marcie & Toby Damisch Mark & Rachel Larson Jason & Beth Teran
Stephen & Kayla Daniel Randy & Sarah Lastar Ryan & Tamara Thiess
Christopher & Rebecca Dean Jon & Laura Lawritson Jonathan & Kelli Thiessen
Neal & Keri Dermer Jon & Mary Lawritson Daniel & Kathy Tollin
Michael & Renee Derrick Gina & Tai Le Graham & Vanessa Torrey
Greg & Erin Dobkin David Levstik Steve & Julianna Treadwell
Robert & Khela Dody Brian & Sarah Lewis Mitch & Amy Trevey
Alan & Lisa Dolin Timothy & Susan Maestas Raymond & Suzanne Velasquez
Amy Dotson Robert & Karen Marceau Reynaldo & Sanechanh Vidal
Jason & Amy Dow-Peterson David & Nory Marsh Nick & Alison Vuolo
Rodney & Erin Draper Henry & Michelle Martch Debbie Waltz
Christian & Shannon Dudnick Robert & Amy Martin Kevin & Marlene Warr
Jeff & Amanda Duffendack Kevin & Tracey McKee Nathan & Julie Webb
Darrin & Brenda Dykstra Jeff & Mary Meadows Russ Woloch & Nicole Webb
Ilya & Ina Dymov Brandon & Trish Miller Jennifer Weddig
David & Melissa Edwards Jonathan & Jayme Miller Mitch & Suzanne Wettstein
John & Julie Edwards Scott & Stephanie Miller Blake & Andrea Wetzel
Sheldon & Holly Eike William & Cynthia Mills Matt & Heather White
Eric & Deb Eldred Mike & Mary Mockus Jim & Cindy Whitmore
Loy & Tamara Engelhardt Jason & Rebecca Murray Rod & Stacy Wilkins
John & Shila Faries Owen & Vicky Myran Brandon & Kristin Wilson
Suzanne Fastje James & Susan Neill Chris & Shelby Wooten
Cliff & Kristi Fitch Tim & Lisa Nejedlo Nick & Corey Yanzito
Rich & Mary Flammini Keith & Heather Newbrough Linda Zoz


It’s not too late!

Dress Code Committee – Volunteers Needed

Are you interested in serving on the PCK Dress Code Committee? The PCK Board is seeking up to 3 parent volunteers to serve on a new Dress Code Committee.  Last month the PCK Board passed a new policy creating a dress code committee.  See the new policy below.  If you are interested in serving on this committee, please email the board

Dress Code Committee Policy: Each fall, the board shall appoint up to 5 members to the dress code committee, consisting of at least one board member, at least one staff member and up to three parents of current PCK students.  The committee will meet a minimum of twice per year in October and March.  Any potential dress code revisions must be approved by a majority of the Dress Code Committee and will then be presented by the Dress Code Committee at the board meetings in November and April (with possible extensions to the December and May meetings if additional information and/or discussion is needed).  Any revisions approved by a majority of the board will take effect on Jan. 1 or the first day of school in the fall.

All dress code proposals must go through the dress code committee.  Emergency dress code changes/clarifications can by proposed by the school director at any time, but will still require a majority board vote.

Mark your calendars!

PCK Annual State of the School Address 
Monday, January 9, 2017
6:30 in the Middle School Commons
Including an exciting announcement about our new building with drawings, pictures and plans! 

Mary Poppins Registration 

Calling all interested 5th and 6th graders, and those enrolled in the Show Choir Elective in Middle School, please register for Mary Poppins as soon as possible as rehearsals will start Jan. 3rd! Questions? Please email Mrs. Myers

is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
All authorized materials are also supplied through MTI.
www. MTIShows.com

December Celebrations in Display Case

Each December the school invites student/families to display an item that represents what they may celebrate during the month.  Please feel free to bring in an item (labeled with family name) to the front office and we will add it to the display case.  

Holiday Cardschristmas_cards_hanging

Do you have a fun, family holiday card?  We love to display all of our families cards around the front desk. Send one in with your student and we will hang it up. Thanks. 



We wanted to take the opportunity to share with you some of the exciting things happening with your children and technology at PCK. 

As PCK educators, it is important that help our students feel comfortable tackling the unknown with these powerful skills. When we were in school, we didn’t have to think about our digital footprint, because it didn’t exist yet. These days, we have to teach our kids some very specific skills associated with successfully navigating the internet. Teaching our children to be confident in the application and use of the 21st Century Skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity and character, is essential to their future success no matter which career path they take.

Next week in all Tech classes, we are bringing back The Hour of Code (HOC), (hosted by code.org) to give all of our students an opportunity to glimpse the power behind programming (coding).  The HOC activities will expose and teach our younger students the fundamentals of coding ideologies, using high-interest puzzles and games. For our older students, we get into actual coding using such languages as Java and Python. We will be watching a short introductory movie to get them motivated for next week’s participation in this national event. 

Here are some interesting statistics around the HOC initiative and computer science in general:

1. With the HOC initiative, more girls have tried computer science than within in the last 70 years.
2. HOC is a global movement with more than 100 million learners in 180 countries.
3. It is estimated that 60% of all available computer science/math/science jobs are in computer science. However, students studying computer science is only 2% versus 98% in other math and science jobs. 
Feel free to view it yourself, or head on over to code.org to test drive some of the activities they will be working through. Coding is really just lake any language – Spanish, German, etc. Anybody can learn to code!
Jeanne Reslan and Austin Taylor
Technology Instructors

Art Department Needs

  • paper towel tubes 
  • bubble wrap
  • old calendars
  • CD’s 
  • bright colored yarn
  • Candlesticks or candles (not in glass jars)

Square 1 Art has been delivered.  If you did not receive an item that you ordered please contact the Art Department as soon as possible.  The phone cases should be arriving soon.  

Needed: iPhone 6 (Plus, s and s Plus)

phone_donationIn an effort to create a class set of iPhones to be used for Google Expeditions throughout the school, we are soliciting donations of iphones 6 or 6s from families that may otherwise turn them into their carrier this holiday season. We plan to offer a $150 tax credit (based on current market value of the models) for each phone. 
For more information on Google Expeditions, please go to this link.
PLEASE DO NOT SEND PHONES INTO THE SCHOOL OR DROP OFF. Simply email Jeanne Reslan at jreslan@ckcs.net for more information on this process. Thank you so much for your generosity. 

Notable Students

Brennan Draper is competing in the USATF Junior Olympic Nationals with the Parker Panther team. Nationals are in Hoover, Alabama on Saturday, December 10th. Brennan placed 6th in Regionals (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, etc.) for the 11-12 age group. Good luck Brennan!

Home for the Holidays Concert Series

Grade Level Performances

Friday, Dec. 9th   
3rd Grade 2:15 – 2:45 p.m. Gym
4th Grade 4:00 – 4:30 p.m. Gym
6th Grade Band/Choir 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Gym
Monday, Dec. 12
 5th Grade/Kennedy Holiday Open House 2:15 – 3:00 p.m. Elem Lunchroom
Tuesday, Dec. 13
 5th Grade/Bloyer Holiday Open House 2:15 – 3:00 p.m. Elem Lunchroom
 Wednesday, Dec. 14
 Middle School Band  2:15 – 2:45 p.m Music Room
 5th Grade/Warburton Holiday Open House 2:15 – 3:00 p.m. Elem Lunchroom
Thursday, Dec. 15
Kindergarten 2:15 – 2:24 p.m.  Gym
Friday, Dec. 16
1st Grade 9:00 – 9:30 a.m. Gym
2nd Grade 10:00 – 10:30 a.m. Gym
Students are asked to dress up in festive Holiday attire, or wear their uniform to school.
Please consider carpooling to concerts as parking is limited. 

Do some holiday shopping at PCK!!

PCK Spirit Merchandise is available for sale!

Lost & Found will be donated over the holiday break

Please make sure you have claimed your child’s items. 

Thank You

To everyone who donated to our Food/Non-Perishable Drive.  We may or may not win, but it is all for a good cause!

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