From the Director

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful winter break. There’s nothing like a Snow Day (today) to remind us that winter has really just begun.  Stay warm and safe.  


Mark your calendars and plan to join the PCK Board for our annual State of the School meeting Monday night, January 9th, at 6:30 p.m.  The Board is very excited to finally be able to share details and drawings for the new building project, including the project schedule and estimated completion date!  Please plan to join us in the MS Commons.

On a related note, your student may have mentioned the new construction fencing that was installed across our field and play area over the winter break.  The reduction in play space will be a temporary inconveniences we experience during the second half of the year.  Not a problem…we will happily adjust.  The fencing consumed about half of the field play space, and this is due to the fact that we need to include an onsite staging area for construction materials.  Once the new building is complete, we will recoup our full soccer field.

Finally, two reminders as we start the second half of our school year:

Carpool – Douglas County will be conducting a traffic study on Pine Drive in January.  This is due, in part, to the increase in traffic on Pine Drive and the addition of the new    library just south of PCK.  The county will also be monitoring our carpool process and, in particular, our adherence to all posted traffic and directional signage. Thank you for making every effort to abide by our established process and not arriving EARLY and stacking on Pine Dr. prior to 3:10 p.m. Additionally, please avoid making U-turns into the Homestead Hills neighborhood.  This is a safety concern given the traffic and speeds on Pine drive, not to mention an annoyance for the residents of this subdivision.

Dress Code – A few reminders now that the really cold weather is here. 

Leggings – need to be full length and cover the ankle; socks are also required with leggings.

Short skorts – we are seeing a lot of really SHORT skorts and skirts…Burrrrr!  Please check your child’s skirt/skort to ensure it is long enough to reach mid-thigh and/or the end of their fingertips with arms hanging at their side.  This is a particular issue in the Middle School, and we appreciate your assistance in monitoring your child’s uniform compliance.

Boots – snow boots are not an approved uniform shoe.  Students who wear snow boots in and out of the building during snowy winter days ALSO need to bring a pair of athletic shoes to change into once they arrive at school.  Please help your child remember to pack the appropriate uniform shoe in their backpack on snowy days.

Thank you for helping us maintain a consistent and safe carpool process and school dress code. We are off and running for the second semester.  As always, please feel free to notify us if any issues or concerns arise during the semester.  We are always happy to meet with you!

Stay warm today!

Mrs. Aplin


January Character Trait – Enthusiasm 

 Definition: Expressing joy in each task as I give it my best effort

I will be an “energy-giver,” smile, encourage others, treat every job as important, not be discouraged by failure.

Parent Education Series


Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Y.E.S.S. instructors will help parents build their tool
box to become more familiar with their children’s use of technology/apps/cell phones and sites today’s youth frequently use.

DATE: Wednesday, January 11, 2017
TIME: 6-7pm
LOCATION: Parker Core Knowledge 

Download Flyer – complete details

Join us for a very informative evening. 


Wednesday, January 11th
4:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.
11290 Twenty Mile Road, Parker, CO. 80134

Download flyer to receive donation for PCK

4th Grade Holiday Party

The 4th grad students, for their holiday party before break, put together 43 blankets as a community service project.  The blankets were then donated to Childrens Hospital. What great holiday spirit of giving! 


PCK PTA Presents
Mother/Son 2017 Event

Parker Field House
18700 Plaza Drive
Sunday, January 22nd

Cost for :  $10.00 per mother/son couple; $5.00 per additional child

Tickets must be purchased by January 20th through PTA Web Store

Admission Includes:
Flag Football (Advanced Sign-Up Required – see below)
Dodge Ball
Basketball/Knock Out
Board Games . . . . . AND MUCH MORE!!!

First Annual Mother/Son Flag Football Game!

Please contact Andrea Simmons to sign up!  Spots will fill in fast!  andreakir@yahoo.com

**Refreshments and Food will be available for purchase at the Parker Field House concession stand** 

Notable Students

Victoria Holck (5th grade), was selected to be on the All Star Swim Team!

“All Stars team selection is the highest honor an age group swimmer can achieve in Colorado. Only 10 9-10 year old girls and boys (along with 10 girls and boys from 11-12 and 13-14 age groups) are selected each year to represent their state in competition against the very best from five other states. ” (Karen Ammon)

The All Stars swim meet is Jan. 14 & Jan 15 in Elkhorn, NE.

SAVE THE DATE! . . . Hollywood Night Out
Father/Daughter Dance

Saturday, February 4th


 Tickets available soon!

Stay tuned for more details. 

Volunteer Updates

December Top Volunteers :
Cathy Kerkhove
Rachel Koch
Teresa Smith
Kim Anderson
Kristi Pengilly
Winner of the “Volunteer of the Month” Parking Spot: Kim Anderson
The following people have volunteered 40+ hours so far this year:

Anderson, Kim

Koch, Rachel

Meier, Nathan

Thiessen, Kelli/Jonathan

Velasquez, Suzanne

 Mockus, Mary

Waltz, Debbie

 Kerkhove, Cathy

Harvey, Rebecca

 Quint, Jennifer

Yanzito, Corey

 Carwin, Susan

Campbell, Kristen

 Lee, Hilary

Hopkins, Craig

 Coors, Elissa

Hong, Soyeon

 Anderson, Kelly

Vuolo, Alison


Thank You

On behalf of the entire Office Staff, Teri and Johanna, we thank you for all the wonderful gifts you bestowed upon us this past Christmas!  Your overwhelming generosity and thoughtfulness is much appreciated. Thank you for thinking of us this past holiday season.  We feel very blessed by you!


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