20-21 On-Line Express Check-In

PCK online registration is now open. Please complete all of the steps.

Please note, there are five steps to complete in the registration process. After completing Express Check-In for ALL PCK students in your household, make sure you complete the other four steps, including  paying your annual school fees. All school fees are due at the time of registration. Payment will be made online through MySchoolBucks. If you do not currently have a MySchoolBucks account, you will need to set one up. For instructions on how to set up an account, click here.

If other financial arrangements are needed, please contact the PCK Business Manager, Heather Chapman.

Step #1  Start Express Check-In (link below)
  • Select the Express Check-In tab, not the Open Enrollment tab.
  • Please make sure to complete the Non-Household Contact information. These will be your child(ren)’s emergency contacts if we are unable to reach a parent.
  • Z-Passes are not an option for PCK. Please select the option “My child will not be riding the bus” if asked.
  • During the Express Check-In process, you will be asked to complete a media release form. If you select “Media Blackout” or “Media Coverage,” we will not be able to include your student in our school newsletter or website, even if he/she is honored or recognized for an accomplishment. If you select either of these options, please instruct your child to refrain from participating in group photos. If your child does appear in a group photo, PCK cannot guarantee that it will not be published in our school newsletter despite the media block.
  • PCK does share basic contact information, including names, e-mail, phone, and address, only within the PCK community and with specific PCK vendors such as Directory On Tap, Way To Go, and Van Gogh Photography. DCSD will not share your information. If you do not want this information shared with the PCK community, please contact Nancy Redfern.
  • Click HERE to access Express Check-In.

    You will need your Parent Portal login information for the login screen. If you are unable to log in, please contact Nancy Redfern.

Step #2   Pay School Fees

Step #3  Carpool (Drop Off/Pick Up Process) Registration Form

Please complete the carpool registration form before August 6th to receive your 20/21 carpool assignment and signs. Our drop off/pick up process is called “Carpool,” so you must complete a form, be assigned a carpool window, and get a sign for your car even if you don’t drive to school with another family. Anyone who picks up your child will need a sign.

Step #4 Review the DCSD Code of Conduct

Please review this document with your student. It is long, so we recommend viewing it online rather than printing it out.

Step #5 Volunteer Application

In order to streamline our volunteer process and make it easier for you to be notified of opportunities that match your interests, please complete this volunteer application. Select any area of interest, and you may select all if desired. This volunteer application also links with our RAPTOR security system, and will complete a background screening before you come to volunteer. You will receive an email from RAPTOR when your application is approved. Please note, you will still need to bring your driver’s license the first time you check in at our front desk each new school year.

Medication Authorization Form (only needed if your child takes medication at school)

If your student will need to take any medication at school, please complete this Medication Authorization Form, have it signed by your child’s physician, and return it to school. We must have a signed form on file before any medication can be administered at school, including over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol and Benadryl.

School Pictures

Van Gogh, our school photographer, will contact you with information about picture day. Please watch for an e-mail from Van Gogh.

Register With Our Lunch Provider, Wholesome Food Services

All families are encouraged to register with Wholesome Food Services, even if you don’t plan on ordering hot lunch.

Milk Cards 

Need to refill or purchase your child’s milk card for lunch? Click here.

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