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From the Director

I have done many things in my career, but directing traffic is a new one for me! I think I could get the hang of it with more practice, but I will need to ditch the heels and add bright orange vests to my wardrobe!

On a more serious note, PCK staff is not supposed to direct traffic on public roadways. However, with the current construction set-up right in front of our main entrance, I didn’t think there was much of a choice. It just seemed more important to keep everyone safe, prevent accidents, and keep our carpool process flowing. Thank you to all of you who sent encouraging emails, dropped off notes, or just smiled and waved. I can’t tell you how much your patience and support means to me and to the staff during these trying early days of our carpool process. You will be relieved to know that we have been in touch with the Douglas County Sheriff’s office and they have promised to send another officer for tomorrow morning’s carpool. Additionally, I have been in touch with the construction company working on Pine Drive and they told me they hoped to be finished and out of our way by the time we return from the long Labor Day weekend…I have my fingers crossed. I am just hoping to get back to my day job of running the school!

Speaking of carpool, we have just a few suggestions and one update as we wrap-up our first full week of school:

North Carpool Loop:

  • Please remember to not block driveways and street entrances along Center Park Loop, and always treat the residents with courtesy and respect.
  • N 3:20 Earlybirds should begin stacking at the mouth of Creekside Loop. This allows those in the 3:10 carpool window to drive by and join the tail of their wave.

South Carpool Loop:

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT COME EARLY – you cannot stop and wait on Pine Drive. The Douglas County Sheriff has been monitoring our flow during the construction and you could be ticketed.  If you plan to arrive 5-6 minutes into your designated carpool window, things should be flowing by then. 

Our carpool process is designed to accomplish many objectives as safely and efficiently as possible. In that spirit, it must be consistent, predictable and fair for all. We have noticed a few cars that come early, park in our north lot, and wait for our carpool to begin flowing before cutting into line once carpool begins. Please respect the process, and your fellow drivers, and proceed as instructed. One-offs inject an unexpected element into our process, and this is when accidents occur. Safety first…always.  

Finally, please be sure to have your green, yellow, or red carpool tags prominently displayed in your window. This allows our process to run smoothly and efficiently. If you have grandparents, nannies or friends picking up your child, you can request additional carpool tags. Also, be sure to give these periodic drivers the heads up about how our carpool works. Many seem very confused.

Early next Tuesday morning (9/5), I will send all PCK families an email update about PM carpool pick-up. IF the construction on Pine Drive is completed on schedule, AND we deem it safe/clear to run our regular carpool process from our two established carpool loading areas, I will let you know via email. The only change you might notice if we resume normal carpool operations is that K & 1st would load back in the North Loop and, without the entire north and south loops to route cars, we may have more back-up on Pine Drive. In the meantime, we will continue with our irregular operation and loading of K & 1st from Center Park Loop. Thank you all for your patience.

Have a wonderful (and safe) Labor Day Weekend. 

Mrs. Aplin

Happy Labor Day!

PCK will be closed on Monday, September 4 in observance of Labor Day. Enjoy the long weekend!

Back To School Night

Please join us next week for Back To School Night!

6th – 8th grade: Tuesday, September 5, 5:30 – 7:30 pm 
3rd – 5th grade: Wednesday, September 6, 5:30 – 7:30 pm  
Kindergarten – 2nd grade: Thursday, September 7, 5:30 – 7:30 pm 

Back To School Night is for parents only. There are no activities for students that evening. On Wednesday and Thursday nights, there will be a classroom session from 5:30 – 6:00, followed by a General Assembly in the gym. If you have a second teacher to visit, you may attend another classroom session from 6:55 – 7:25. If you do not need to visit another classroom, you may leave after the General Assembly.

If you have a student in AM kindergarten, please attend the first classroom session. If your student is in PM kindergarten, please attend the second classroom session.

Please Leave Chokers at Home

We have noticed girls wearing chokers to school. We do not consider them to be necklaces, so please remind your student to leave them at home. Necklaces must hang down below the collar. Thanks for your help with this!


PCK Supports Local Businesses

If you own a local area business, please send your name, business name, and business contact info to our PTA President, Tricia Calendra, at  We are assembling a list of PCK family businesses so we can help promote them within our PCK community.

Yearbook Photographers Needed

If you have a camera and attend school events, please sign-up to be an official school photographer for our Yearbook. We need several volunteers to cover events and team photos at our active school. If interested, please contact Joey Dame at Remember, time spent taking pictures counts towards your required volunteer hours. No special camera or skills required.

PCK Has A Photo Sharing Website!

We have the ability to upload or download pictures from any computer with access to our photo sharing website. Missed an event? Check the website to see if another parent may have caught your child in action and download the pictures to your home computer. Attended an event? Help out another parent by uploading your pictures to the website so they can see what they missed. As an added bonus, “shared” pictures are our main resource for our Yearbook photos, so upload those pictures today! Here’s how:

Windows Live I.D.:
Password: cougars80138

If you have any questions, please email Joey Dame at Without you our yearbook would be empty, so please share!

Music Department News

Got an old Trombone? A Clarinet from your youth? Is it collecting dust and you move it from place to place? We’d gladly accept any donations of used instruments for our growing Concert Band! 
Also, we are looking for donations of decorator grade fabrics and silk scarves for our upcoming production of “The King and I.” Please send your donation to school with your child in a bag labeled Music Department! Thank you!

Free Lunch!

If you are registered with My Kid’s Lunch, your student will receive a free lunch on September 8. You must order the lunch by going into your My Kid’s Lunch account and ordering for September 8 as you would for any other day. You will not be charged for this meal. If you do not order, your child will not receive the lunch. If you have not yet registered with My Kid’s Lunch, please sign up today by clicking here.

Picking Your Student Up Early?

If you need to park and come in to pick up your student at the end of the day, please do so between 2:30-2:45 pm. This allows our end-of-day activities to wrap up more smoothly and efficiently. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


Directory On Tap Is Coming

The PCK Directory is underway and this year’s edition of Directory on Tap (DOT) will be available soon. However, we need some information from you:
 1.  Does your child go by a nickname, shortened name, or other – rather than the formal name in the school database? If so, please let us know. We are happy to change the name or accommodate any other requests. Have you recently moved or changed an email/cell number? Be sure you have updated your information with the school and/or school district.
 2.  OPT OUT Opportunity: Use the electronic form below if you DO NOT want any or all of your personal information listed in the directory. You may OPT OUT completely or partially.  
 Opt Out Deadline:  September 6, 2017 at 3:30 PM
By completing this online form, you are opting out of being listed in the school directory.  If you DO NOT OPT OUT, your standard information WILL BE included in the school directory.  By NOT filling out this eForm, you are granting permission for your current data to be obtained from the school database.  This includes: parent/guardian name(s), email, cell phone, home address, city, state, zip, student(s) and grade classification(s).

Our Field Construction is Fascinating

Our students love watching the big construction trucks as preparations are made for our new field.

Support PCK Every Time You Shop On Amazon

When you Start With A Smile, Amazon donates 0.5% of your purchase price to Parker Core Knowledge. Please bookmark the link for an easy way to support us every time you shop.

Please join us in welcoming the following NEW PCK families:

Albershardt, Allen, Anderson, Arnold, Bender, Brink, Burton, Campbell, Cardoso, Carter, Chafin, Collins, Curtiss, Danner, Dempsey, Dennis, Duong, Durrant, Furnari, Gadayev, Garcia, Golter, Gorham, Hackett, Heidrick, Hertzerg, Holland, Howell, Ibarra, Jadhav, Jemmili, Johnson, Kinsgbury, Klein, Leslie, Logan, Long, Lopez, Madabusi, Maddox, Maganti, Marin, Meacham, Miccio, Miller, Moreno, Neuman, Olson, Paddock, Pereira, Peterson, Pettinato, Reinke, Rustamov, Sandhu, Scott, Scurlock, Sears, Selzer, Shaw, Smith, Spencer, Steinman, Taylor, Thomas, Uhlig, Walberg, Wald, and Young. 



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