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From The Director

The BEST gifts cannot be wrapped! It’s true, some of the best gifts we receive do not fit in boxes or bags. They are not found at the mall, in stores or even online. The BEST gifts are the gifts we give of ourselves, from the heart. Allow me to share a few of the many gifts I receive here at school every day:

    • Smiles and happy faces greeting me each morning,
    • Sweet hugs from students as they walk to their classes,
    • Laughter in the hallways,
    • Caring conversations with and about students; cute little anecdotes shared among staff that make us all smile,
    • Incredibly generous parent volunteers who go out of their way to help with anything and everything here at school,
    • Safety Dads who take time out of their week to give us all the gift of safety and peace of mind,
    • Beautiful art and music enjoyed throughout our halls,
    • Random acts of kindness that show me students notice and want to help others whenever they can,
    • Hard working kiddos everywhere, even when the work is hard; their desire to learn and grow is readily evident,
    • Good manners abounding…many doors held open, along with earnest “pleases” and “thank yous,” 
    • An entire community that shares both a mutual love for our students and a passion to help each and every one of them succeed.

For me, these are the true gifts of the season…simple, yet meaningful, and satisfying in ways other gifts can only aspire. No wrapping needed, these are the gifts that warm my heart not just during the holidays, but all year long!

May this holiday season be filled with ‘no wrapping needed’ gifts that warm your heart and bring you true joy.

Wishing all PCK families a wonderful holiday break!  See you next year…2020!


Mrs. Aplin

Happy Holidays

We hope you and your family have a wonderful, restful break. Classes will resume on Tuesday, January 7, 2020.

Parking Reminders

image of two parked carsWhen parking at the school, please only use designated parking spaces unless directed by a staff member. Please do not park around the islands or along the curbs. In unique situations, a PCK staff member may direct you to park in an untraditional place, but this is not typical and these are not acceptable parking places in other situations. Please take care to never block another car or impede the flow of traffic through our lot. If the designated parking spaces in our lot are full, you may park in the small lot off Centerpark Loop. We are never permitted to park in the townhouse lot across from the school (this is a private lot), or block driveways or intersections. Thanks for your help!

Help Us Keep PCK Substance-Free

PCK, like all Douglas County schools, is an alcohol, tobacco, and drug-free zone. This includes our parking lot. We have had recent reports of people smoking in our north parking lot. Please refrain from smoking or vaping anywhere on PCK property. Thank you!

Stop By The Lost And Found

image of a girl shivering in the coldPlease check our lost and found before winter break. Many students will miss their coats, hats, gloves and other items that are currently waiting to be claimed. At the end of each month, the items left in the lost and found are donated to charity.

Save The NEW Date For The International Festival

Image of a globe made of flags from around the world with figures holding hands around itYou won’t want to miss our International Festival on Friday, February 28 (please note the new date). Students will have a chance to experience the festival from 1:00 – 3:00pm, and families can visit from 4:00 – 6:00pm. This annual event is one of our highlights of the year as we learn about the different cultures and backgrounds that make up our PCK family. Watch for more information coming soon.

If you would like to host a country booth at the festival, please contact Kristi Resler.

The Gift of Failure

arrows form a circleJoin us for the next session in our Parent Education Series on Thursday, January 9 at 6:30pm. Teri Aplin and psychologist Molly White will present The Gift of Failure. We all want our children to succeed, but kids learn important lessons from their failures when properly guided through the experience. This powerful workshop will help you know when to let your child take risks and how to make the most of the lessons that come from facing adversity.

Molly White, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and board certified behavior analyst at Legacy Comprehensive Counseling and Consulting in Parker.

Please click here to RSVP if you plan to attend. Don’t forget you can log one hour of volunteer time for each Parent Education session you attend!

Are Your Younger Children On Our Waitlist?

image of a baby carriageIf you have children not yet at PCK, make sure they have a letter of intent on file with the school and are on our waitlist. Siblings are not added to the list automatically; each child needs a completed letter of intent.

Cubing Competition at PCK

image of a Rubix CubeOne of our 8th grade students, Sam Koch, is organizing a cubing competition at PCK on February 15. Registration is free for PCK students. Get the details here.

Coding and Minecraft Clubs Start in January

Several new technology clubs are starting in 2020. Get the details here. Our girls in grades 3 – 5 will especially love the free Girls Who Code club.

Thank You, Safety Dads!

Thank you to those who volunteered to Stand Up For Safety this week: Nicholas Sayatovic, Clay Anderson, Jacob Golter, Jeff Gragert, and Craig Neuman. Your help during this busy week was amazing!

You can get details about our Stand Up For Safety program and sign-up to be a Safety Dad using the following link.

Students On The Move In Our Community

While riding in last weekend’s Christmas Carriage Parade in downtown Parker, Candace Christopher (7th grade) got to spend a little time with weather anchor and fellow equestrian, Kathy Sabine.

photograph of student Candace Christopher on horseback next to weather anchor Kathy Sabine

Jaylin Diede (6th grade) also had busy weekend dancing as a baker in several performances of the Nutcracker of Parker at the PACE Center.

photo pf student Jaylin Diede dressed as a baker for the Nutcracker

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who brought yummy treats and gifts in for our staff this week. We truly appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness. You take such good care of us!

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