We are all set for the next five years!  I am happy to report that our school charter was successfully renewed Tuesday night by the DCSD Board of Education (BoE).  As our authorizer, the DCSD BoE has a contract with the PCK Board of Directors regarding various tenants of how we operate and how we receive funding, both per pupil revenue (PPR) and mill levy override (MLO) monies. Additionally, our charter contract specifies which DCSD policies we will follow, and which district and State level policies we have waivers from.  Finally, any services that we are required to purchase from the district are spelled out in an addendum.  This is my third contract renewal, and I’m always happy to have it behind me.

Along with voting to renew our charter contract, the DCSD Superintendent and Board recognized PCK for the following accomplishments:

2016 Blue Ribbon Award
2016 John Irwin School of Excellence Award
2016 Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award

In addition to three award certificates, the district presented us with a HUGE new Blue Ribbon banner for the front of our school.  We hope to have the new banner up sometime next week.

Speaking of awards, we had a successful visit last Friday by a national evaluator with  Character.org.  Since we were recognized as a Colorado State School of Character, we are now in consideration for National School of Character status.  We should hear whether we qualify sometime in late April.  Thank you to the parents and students who graciously agreed to meet with the evaluator last Friday — he was most impressed by everyone he met, and all that he learned.

For me, it’s not the awards we receive that matter most.  Instead, it is the recognition of all the effort…on many levels and by many people…that goes in to making PCK such a strong school, and our students so successful.  Any recognition we receive is always a case of ‘another one for the TEAM!’  Thank you for all you do to help us succeed. 

Call for PCK Board of Directors Candidates

Two Board of Directors positions are open for election this spring. Please take a look at Board Member Considerations to review what serving on the board entails.  If you are interested in running, please submit a Letter of Intent along with a brief bio to PCK Board. The deadline for submitting your Intent Letter is Monday, April 10th.  

Thank you for your willingness to help guide PCK!  Elections will be held Tuesday, April 18th. 

Pi Day – Next Tuesday

In celebration of Pi (3.14 . . . . . ) we will be selling pie slices at lunch time on Tuesday, March 14th.  $1 per slice! Proceeds will help fund our Math Clubs.  

Battle of the Books Update

The 5th grade Battle of the Books team won! They will head to the district finals next Wednesday!

Spirit Night

Wednesday, March 15th
4:00 – 8:00 P.M. 
18320 Cottonwood Dr (by Costco)
50% goes to PCK – WOW!
(mention PCK) 

6th – 8th Grade Exploration Math Club

This week pilot Lt Col Thompson (Air Force) demonstrated how he uses math to determine where/how to drop paratroopers on their target.

Spring Musical

Get Your Gala Tickets Now!

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