Meet The Candidates

Next Tuesday, April 20, you have the opportunity to vote for three candidates to fill our open PCK Board of Directors positions. As a charter school, PCK is governed by this board, and the people you elect will represent you for the next three years. Elections are done online, so keep an eye on your email for your electronic ballot.

Thank you to the following PCK parents (listed in alphabetical order) for their willingness to serve the school by running for our Board.

Josh Haslage

I would like to submit my name for the upcoming election of 3 open director positions. I have 3 children that will be doing the full journey through PCK, so I have a significant vested interest in helping this community anywhere I can.

After graduating high school, I joined the Marine Corps for a 5-year tour. During my time, I deployed on a Navy ship around the Pacific Ocean & Persian Gulf. During this time, we did 2 weeks of humanitarian service assisting Indonesia with recovery efforts, and food/water supply drops to remote areas affected by the major tsunami in 2004. After my service time, I attended Metro State University in Denver. I then took a job opportunity for a local small business, and I’ve worked my way up from the entry point to Vice President of Operations.

I have significant experience in all areas of the small business environment, as well as access to my wife’s experience & knowledge as an elementary teacher with a master’s degree in elementary education. I had to help successfully guide my current company through the ever-changing COVID environment, and would be an asset to any new challenges to a changing world PCK may encounter; hopefully nothing as significant as the last 12 months again though!


Randy Lastar

Good afternoon! I’m Randy Lastar and I wish to be considered for a position on the PCK Board of Directors. I’d like to introduce myself and give a little background. 

First and foremost, I am the father of two amazing PCK students, Lilia in 4th grade and Xavier in 2nd grade, and we’ve been in the PCK ecosystem since the end of 2013 when we started our journey at PCK Preschool. Over these many years, my wife Sarah and I have been very active including volunteering, donating, organizing, and assisting with all types of class and school events, (and even winning some fantastic prizes at the annual Gala auction!  I have attended nearly every classroom event, PTA event, parent/teacher conference, and meeting since we were accepted into the school. I know just how lucky we are to have our kids at the best school in the county and we never take that for granted! We believe in PCK’s mission strongly and work to both support and fulfill it in every way. I’ve always been active in the PCK Facebook group, and while I speak my mind, I work hard to acknowledge that we are all together as a community and a family that always has the best interest of our kids’ and their education at heart. I love speaking with staff and PCK parents and that’s broadened my perspective on all sorts of different issues. I’m always willing to change my opinion if a better idea arises! 

As for experience and expertise, I’ve been an entrepreneur and small business owner for all of my life, and am very technologically literate and far-sighted with respect to planning and making important decisions. In my business, I am not only the owner, but I’m also the accountant, the inventory manager, and the IT Guy. If I don’t know how to do something, I either learn how or I find the best person to help me out. I’ve been President of my neighborhood HOA, and participated in business leadership councils. Since my kids were born, I have been fortunate to work from home, which means that not only am I able to easily attend school events, but I hope it shows that I have put my kids and their education at the top of my priorities. 

In short, I believe that I have the skills and experience, the passion, and the devotion to PCK to be a productive member of the PCK Board of Directors! I ask for your vote and your encouragement and support.


Robert Logan

My name is Robert Logan and I am interested in contributing to Parker Core Knowledge as a member on the PCK Board. I have two sons Wyatt and Tyler who attend PCK and are in the 3rd and 5th grade. My sons, as well as my wife and myself love PCK. The education, the character development, the friendships and the excellence in everything at PCK is what initially attracted us to the school. The outstanding leadership that Teri Aplin has provided since the start has established a firm foundation and a great legacy. 

With Johanna Harth taking over the reins the excellence and momentum will continue. By being a board member, I will do everything possible to ensure the continuing success of this great school.

My experiences have been in Banking and Finance. I currently am a Vice President of one of the largest national banks in the country. The current effort has been on how to provide meaningful banking services and engagement as customer behavior is shifting towards mobile and digital transactions and away from the traditional branches.

I’ve owned my own business in the past. I have a variety of job experiences in both large and small companies. 

My character strengths are I’m hardworking, detail oriented, a great listener, team player and very focused on achieving great results for everyone. 

I have a Masters Degree in Finance from The University of Colorado with an Undergraduate Degree from The University of Texas. 

I am on the leadership committee of a local Cub Scout Pack. I serve as the Treasurer and den leader for a group of 5th grade boys.  

My son’s various sports teams and other activities have allowed all kind of volunteer activities through the years.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve.


Michelle McLeod

Hi! My name is Michelle McLeod, I am a PCK parent and passionate advocate of education. Three of my children are enrolled at PCK and I will add two preschoolers in the Fall. I have a deep respect and appreciation for PCK and its values, curriculum, community involvement and enrichment activities such as the many clubs and interests our kids can explore at school. I am particularly impressed with the compassion and intelligence of the teachers and staff. I would like to support PCK in moving forward with its vision and goals. In my professional career as a leader and active board member I have gained the ability to lead and to follow; to participate and to listen; to ask questions and to answer them; to be thoughtful and to move quickly; to collaborate and to decide.  

Below is a sample of professional and personal experiences that fit well with the responsibilities of a PCK board member: 

PCK Parent: Althoug this past school year has been different than others, over the years I have been fortunate to have been involved in several activities at PCK including: PTA, thursday folders, fall festival, teacher appreciation week, fundraiser events and classroom volunteer. I am always willing to help out when and where I can.  

Business Consultant, IMA Financial Group: At IMA, I apply agile development processes to get goals accomplished with speed and quality. I am part of a high performing team that is engaged, driven, and dedicated to continual improvement and growth. In this role, my clients depend on me to accuratly evaluate their business and dervive solutions that will improve outcomes.  

Crisis Center, Board of Directors: As a board member at the crisis center I provide strategic guidence and financial support to the organization so it can achieve its mission. I invest my talent, time and resources to help end domestic violence. I have been a member of their membership committee, strategic committee and executive committee.  

Big changes are on the horizon at PCK. I am confident I can lend the support and expertise to navigate through the transformation and come out stronger than ever!  

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela 

Your consideration is greatly appreciated.


Thank you to all of our candidates for running. Don’t forget to vote next Tuesday!

No School Tomorrow

While our teachers have an inservice day tomorrow, April 16, students get the day off! Enjoy the time with your family!

Used Uniform Sale Postponed

Due to this weekend’s weather forecast, we are rescheduling the Used Uniform Sale to Saturday, May 15th. Watch for more information coming soon. Volunteers should have already received an email with details. If you have any questions please email karen.langton@outlook.com.

Spirit Night at Crumbl Cookies

Stop by Crumbl Cookies in Parker (11153 S. Parker Road #B) from 4:00 – 7:00pm next Wednesday, April 21 for a sweet treat that also supports our school. See this flyer for a look at the yumminess that awaits.

Video Volunteers Needed

Our PTA is planning an end-of-year party so families can say goodbye to Mrs. Aplin at her retirement. They are looking for a parent volunteer (or group of parents) who would be willing to put together a short video honoring Mrs. Aplin. If you are interested, please email pckpta@ckcs.net or karen.langton@outlook.com. Thanks for your help making this a special event!

From The Foundation

On behalf of The Foundation, we would like to thank each and every family who participated in fundraising this year. In the coming weeks we will be sharing a list of all the wonderful ways YOU have helped our PCK community, from helping our school maintain a healthy environment to funding the replacement of Chromebooks and upgraded technology that keeps our kids’ online safety a priority.

As a reminder, you can continue to support PCK throughout the year by signing up for the community programs with King Soopers, Amazon Smiles, and American Furniture Warehouse. Every time you shop at these places, it helps fund the programs that support our school’s incredible learning environment.

This year as a thank you for PCK’s continued support, American Furniture Warehouse is doing a 10-day rally to maximize their donation to our school. Your purchase during this 10-day rally makes you eligible to win a $500 gift card! Get the details here.

Thank you for your continued support,

Amy DeNicolo

PCK Summer Camp Is Coming!

Get ready for a summer of fun with Core Care Club’s new summer camp! Camps run from 8:00am – 4:00pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays the weeks of June 8, 15, 22, and 29, as well as the weeks of July 13 and 20. Come for a day, a week, or all summer! Every week has a different theme, and each includes outdoor activities, water games, and lots of fun. Get ready for events like walking field trips and bike days! See the daily schedule here.

Registration is now open, so sign up through your Jackrabbit account or contact Vinny Ortega at vortega@ckcs.net. Space is limited so sign up today! Camp is open to PCK students starting in kindergarten (incoming kindergarteners are welcome), and will accommodate students participating in summer school. The cost is $50/day, with a $25 registration fee that covers a camp t-shirt and a safety wrist band. Snacks are included, but campers will need to bring a lunch.

School Toolbox Time Is Here

It is hard to believe it is already time to order School Toolboxes for next year! If you would like to avoid the hassle of buying your student’s school supplies this summer, you can order a School Toolbox and have your supplies waiting for you at PCK at our Open House in August. See this flyer for details. Ordering is available now at schooltoolbox.com (even though the flyer says ordering starts April 19).

We Love Our Safety Dads

image that says think safety first

We have LOTS of openings for Safety Dads this spring. Safety Dads get to spend the day at school helping with a variety of activities including recess, carpool, lunch, and other needs as they arise, as well as making sure our perimeter is secure. Feel free to sign up for multiple shifts – many dads sign up again and again because they enjoy their time with us. Get more information and sign up to volunteer here.

News From Our Littlest Learners

Our preschoolers love it when our school resource officer, Deputy Huffman, visits their classrooms. Last week he read students a story, and they had so much fun with him. One student asked, “Do you drive a police car? Do you wear police clothes? Do you have a police belt? Do you have police ears? Do you have a police nose?” Our little ones know it is safe to be silly with Deputy Huffman!




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