From The Director

What does your child miss most these days?  I’ll bet the answer is, “time with friends and classmates!” The staff at PCK gets it, and we are prepared to offer something new that is fun and engaging for our students who are looking for a little more social ‘connect time’ with their peers.

Starting the week of April 20th, a team of creative and energetic PCK staff will launch PCK Connect meetings via Google Meet or Zoom. The purpose of PCK Connect meetings is to provide students with a scheduled time each week where they can:

  • Interact socially with a small group of peers (think social-emotional connections)
  • Engage in a fun activity within a small group setting
  • Practice their social skills and good manners.

PCK Connect meetings will work in the following way:

  • Specials and Resource teachers will be assigned to a specific grade level. They will invite students to join via Google Meet or Zoom. Participation is, of course, 100% optional.
  • Each Connect teacher will plan, set up, and organize one 30-minute weekly Connect meeting with students in grades K-6.
  • PCK Connect groups will be small enough to make them personal, yet large enough to make them fun, averaging about 16 students per meeting. All meetings will include a short kick-off activity or question to get the conversation going, and then another creative activity to keep the kids engaged — talking, laughing, and having some online fun together — in a supervised forum. 

I hope your child will be excited to try a PCK Connect meeting next week. Look for an email invitation from a Connect teacher soon. I hope I receive an invitation too, so I can connect with all the students I miss so much!


Mrs. Aplin

No Classes Tomorrow

No School image with a blackboard background and a cup of pencilsFriday, April 17 is our regularly-scheduled teacher work day so students will not have online classes. However, there may be previously assigned work due in Google Classroom.

Clarification On PCK’s Remote Learning Plan

Douglas County School District put out a district-wide remote learning plan several weeks ago. The following week, we sent out PCK’s remote learning plan, which is basically a truncated version of the larger DCSD plan, but with differences that are very specific to PCK.

Grading is one example. The district is taking one approach to student grades and we are taking a slightly different one, but both PCK and the district are offering leniency with respect to deadlines, grading, and work completion. Another difference is the average amount of time kids will spend working remotely each day; PCK’s average daily work requirement is slightly higher.

In each of these areas, and others, we crafted our own remote learning expectations based on our charter mandate, our learning goals for our students, and knowing what our students are capable of doing. Teachers are working diligently with students to provide not only quality instruction, but also a tremendous amount of online support as we realize the shift in learning modality has thrown some kids for a loop and/or there are technology, connectivity, and scheduling challenges for some families.

We made the decision early on that we would do whatever it takes (for as long as necessary) to keep students engaged in the learning process and continuing to produce quality work each day. As we knew would be the case, our students continue to amaze us with the quality of work they are doing remotely. We kindly ask parents to reference PCK’s remote learning plan, and not DCSD’s plan, to answer any questions you may have about learning expectations during this COVID-19 school closure. Thank you.

Updates From The Specials Teachers

Thank you for spreading kindness all over Parker with your Kindness Rocks! They brought joy to many people.

Projects for this week (get details on the art web page or on Google Classroom):

Kindergarten: Sun Collage
Grades 1 – 3: Earth Day projects
Grades 4 – 6: Ecosystem Mandala

Character Coaching
Parents, please have a conversation with your student, particularly in grades 4 – 8, about online etiquette and safety. With so much communication being done online right now, kids don’t always have the skills needed to handle their ideas and opinions appropriately in a digital world. This week’s lesson includes an article for parents, discussion questions, and a video to watch and discuss as a family to help students learn how to behave respectfully and appropriately online.

Please see this letter from Mrs. Wright with this week’s reading challenge results. (4/16/20)

There are currently two Light Crew spots open for our summer production of Shrek The Musical. These spots are open on a first come first served basis for students in grades 6 – 8. If you are interested in the opportunity, please contact Mrs. Myers directly at kmyers@ckcs.net.

Update From PE (4/16/120)

Update From PE (4/9/20)

Please see these “Game Week” activities! 

FitnessLand Board Game
Wheel of Fortune
Monopoly Score Card
Family Fitness Uno

Elementary Spanish Update (4/16/20)

Update from the technology teachers (4/16/20)

Writing Their Way To A Win

In February, our 6th graders participated in the 33rd Annual Great Women in Engineering and Science Essay Contest sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers. The results were announced last week, and PCK has nine winners this year!

Congratulations to Connor Thiessen for being a top three finalist. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced at the Society of Women Engineers Rocky Mountain Section award ceremony, which will be held remotely later this year.

Five students received Honorable Merit Awards, including PCK’s Ruchitha Badiginchala and Haley McReynolds. Honorable Mention Awards went to 10 students, including our own Jocelyn Buswell, Eunice Choe, Sophie Dickey, Emily Hoer, Lincoln Nelson, and Emma Thomas.

Our students competed against 14 other schools from Colorado and Wyoming, and each essay was reviewed by a panel of 14 judges. PCK has more winners than any other school in the competition.

Additionally, PCK earned a School Award. We will receive a library of books on women engineers and scientists. These excellent reference materials will support our 6th graders in future research for scientific, historical, and biographical projects. 

Way to go, writers! You make us PCKProud!

Helping Kids Handle Anxiety

photo of a father talking with and comforting his daughterWhether the current COVID-19 situation has your kids on edge, or other situations make them nervous year-round, this article has helpful tips for teaching kids to work through their fears in a healthy way.

News From The PTA

Cartoon image of a person standing in from of the letters PTA

  1. The PTA would like to support those who have supported PCK throughout the year and the small businesses that need our help now. All PCK families with small businesses that are currently open and would like to be mentioned on our Facebook page can email the PTA @ jen.maxwell11@gmail.com.
  2. Be on the lookout for a video from your favorite teacher/staff member! We will be sharing a special video message from staff members throughout the week. Please join us in our FB group, as we will be sharing lots of information there. Be sure to answer the two questions when prompted since this group is private for PCK families only.
  3. Who has been spending this time cleaning out closets? We still want your used uniforms! We understand that many in our community may have fallen on hard times so we want to make sure our Used Uniform Sale is stocked and ready to help our families this summer/fall. We have set up three locations near PCK as “No Contact Drop Off” locations. Starting Monday, April 20th, while you are out doing essential errands, you may drop off any used uniform donations to one of these locations. Please make sure all uniforms are in good condition, clean, and within the PCK Uniform Guidelines. These are NO CONTACT drop offs, so just place your uniforms in the designated container. Thank you in advance for your donation.

Danner Family
11221 Jordan Ct

Simmons Family
19668 Culpepper Cir

DeNicolo Family
21565 Longs Peak Lane

Dennis Uniforms Uses Plaid To Make Masks

The Christopher Plaid you know and love may be showing up in hospitals! The company’s Portland plant has temporarily stopped making uniforms and is using their plaid material and sewing know-how to make masks that are donated to healthcare workers. Get the full story and photos here.

Capture The Great Outdoors In A Photo

When students go outside for some fresh air, remind them to take a camera. Get the details on our Earth Day Photo Contest here, including how to submit a photo.

Also, a PCK dad from Burns & McDonnell typically helps our students during Earth Day, and the company sends a team of female engineers to work with our kids on that day. Since we won’t see them in person this year, check out their website for great hands-on STEM-related activities and videos.

The Calendar Says It’s Spring, But It’s Time To Order For Fall

Skip the back-to-school crowds at the store this summer and order your child’s school supplies through School Toolbox. All the supplies your student needs will be waiting on his/her desk at our Open House in August. Learn more about School Toolbox from this flier, and order between April 20 – June 7 at www.schooltoolbox.com.

Creating a Workable Work Space

photo of a girl arranging books on a deskIf your student is still doing schoolwork from bed or the couch, it is probably time to set up a proper desk area to optimize learning and efficiency. Check out this video for great suggestions on what to include in a student work space.

Move It Or Lose It

image saying Boredom BustersMake sure you check out the great games and resources our PE teachers are sharing to help keep your family moving. If you want even more ideas for getting exercise while staying at home, this web page has links to several online workouts for kids. You can do them as a family, or use them to keep your student active and occupied while you get some work done.

Also, here is a fun Well-Being Calendar with a month’s worth of things to do at home to help you feel great.

Get Ready For A Robotic Summer

We have two amazing robotics summer camps planned to help kids have fun while learning useful design and programming skills. Get the details here. You can register through our Web Store by June 1.

Our Students Are Using Their Time To Be Creative

Many students are enjoying the project ideas from our art teachers. Here are just a couple of examples of the amazing work kids are doing at home.

This student creation was made with ice cube watercolors. You can make your own frozen watercolor paint sticks by mixing food coloring with water in an ice cube tray or small paper cups. Put a toothpick or popsicle stick in each color and place in the freezer. When the paints have frozen, pull out the ice cubes and use them to paint a picture. As the ice cubes melt, the paints will become more vivid.

Students are doing a great job making Kindness Rocks to spread around their neighborhoods. Here are some examples of their fabulous work.

Photo of rocks with encouraging statements painted on them.

photo of girls with kindness rocks they painted

Great Things Are Happening At Home

Photo of boy holding a structure made of straws and marshmallows.

One of our 4th graders enjoyed an optional science lab lesson and built his own earthquake-proof building.

Photo of a boy lying on the floor, working on a laptop, with a dog next to him.

Everything is better with your dog at your side.

This first grader gave a presentation to her “class,” with a stuffed animal representing each classmate. Her younger sister got to be Mrs. Miller, complete with the reminder that teachers “sit up straight and don’t slouch.”

“Squirmy day” reading.

If you have a funny, encouraging, or inspiring story about your time at home that you’d like to share with the PCK community while we are apart, feel free to send it to ddaniels@ckcs.net. Some stories/photos might appear in future issues of our newsletter!

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