Summer break just got a bit closer!  

The PCK Board voted Monday night to cash in our ‘unused snow days’ and end the 2016-17 school year on May 26th.  This early closure will give the PCK staff time the following week to prepare the building for internal construction that will occur over the summer months.  Internal changes on the docket include a new Tech/Media/Library center, an expanded Learning Lab, and a Front Office renovation to add additional offices and create a new, more private, health room. Construction outside on the new gym, classrooms, and field restoration will continue as scheduled, with a projected completion date of August 9th.   

The staff will work to keep students focused on academics until the last minute on May 25th. That afternoon, we will all line the hallways and cheer on our graduating 8th graders.  Then, on May, 26th, our 8th graders are off to Elitches (per tradition), students in Grades 1-7 will all enjoy a fantastic Field Day/Last Day of School at Salisbury Park, and our Kindies will have their graduation ceremony at PCK from 9:30 – 10:30.  PCK 8th graders will graduate the following Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. at Parker Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Whew!  That’s a lot of closing activities all in one and a half days!  

We realize this change may hold some scheduling challenges for working families. Therefore, our before/after school care provider, Champions (link), will be onsite May 30th to June 1st offering full-day childcare for those who need it.  Be sure to sign up early as space will be limited.

Finally, teachers will let you know of any other changes impacting year-end activities, so I have just included the bigger changes here.  Thanks for your understanding and flexibility.  We didn’t think anyone would be too upset about a slightly earlier start to summer! 

FUND Run Tomorrow (Rain or Shine)

This year’s goal is only $75 in Pledges per student – easily attainable for everyone!

If it’s raining, we’ll move the festivities into the gym, and we’ll STILL have lots of FUN!!

Here are some updated FunD Run details:

  1. Fund Run Date: Friday, April 21st
  2. Pledge Due Date: Friday, April 28th                   
  3. Recruit as many sponsors as you can.
  4. Help your child(ren) by sponsoring them for the FunD Run and putting them in contact with other potential sponsors like Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, and Family Friends
  5. Go to www.Run4FundsColorado.com/parker to place online pledges.    
    Check online totals by clicking on the “My Pledges” tab and “Parent Login” to send emails to family and friends.                                                                                 User Name: Core / Password: Cougar
  6. We are encouraging all our students to raise $75 in Donations through 2 options.  Flat Donations and/or Pledges per lap.


Students will run/walk as many laps as they can around the track in 30 minutes.  The track is 1/16 of a mile (16 laps = 1 mile).  Students average about 25 laps with a 50 lap max.  Parents, you are invited to this event.

Children should wear loose fitting clothes, running shoes, and plenty of sunscreen. Don’t forget a water bottle!

Lap Card and Collection Envelopes will come home to collect pledges after the run day.

Volunteers Needed

Please sign up to help during the run and/or on prize day, Friday, May 19th. Thank you!

PCK Sweeps Math Competition

On Saturday, April 15, PCK Math Club students competed in the Douglas County 5th and 6th grade math competition. Every one of our students came home with at least one medal, and Noah Williams took 1st place in every 5th grade competition.
PCK took home 10 of the 20 individual awards given, and 4 of the 6 team awards! 
Fact Drill 5th Grade
1st Place – Noah Williams
2nd Place – Gautum Balakrishnan
4th Place – Sam Koch
5th Place – Gus Blom
Fact Drill 6th Grade
1st Place – Eshaan Sharma
3rd Place – Deepaksh Kalra
Individual 5th Grade
1st Place – Noah Williams
3rd Place –  Gustav Blom 
4th Place – Gautum Balakrishnan
Individual 6th Grade
4th Place – Bryce Wetzel
Teams 5th Grade
1st Place – Millie Marsh, Samantha Gustashaw, Gustav Blom, Gautum Balakrishnan, Noah Williams
3rd Place – Neeil Gupta, Sam Koch, Brennan Martch, Colter Smith, Tanner Torrey
Teams 6th Grade
2nd Place – Sameer Arora, Deepaksh Kalra, Eshaan Sharma, Seth Taylor
3rd Place – Zach Barber, Karlie Newbrough, Grace Seaback, Bryce Wetzel
Great job, everyone!

 Mary Poppins Musical 

The Mary Poppins musical production was a huge hit. Incredible talent and dedication! Thank you to all of the cast members, as well as Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Waltz, Mrs. Puckett,  and Suzanne Velasquez (costumes).

A HUGE thank you to everyone who volunteered for this years production of ” Mary Poppins,” and made it “practically perfect, in every way…” From helping iron and steam costumes to supervising backstage, every hand was absolutely needed and so very appreciated!  Thank you, PCK, for your overwhelming support of our performers through your ticket purchases! These proceeds will surely help our music program grow!
Special Thanks to:
American Academy, Kelly Anderson, Sameer Arora, Christel Barber, Casey Biggers, Josephine Bouthillier, Trish Cook, Dianne Daniels,  Tom and Lena Decker, Rachel DeFrees, Melissa Edwards, Kristi Fitch, Yvette Fonda, Sunjoi Gandhi, Kim Garneau, Gretchen Halker, Andrew Hartford, Leanne Hartford, Sam and Tricia Hennessey, Elizabeth Higgins, Sandy Higgins, Eugenia Jaeger, Cristy and Lance Johnston, Donna Lantz, Karen Marceau, Amy Martin, Kim Moore, Craig Myers, Vicky Myran, Margaret Nelson and students from her Makeup Elective Class, Lori Parker, Debbie Pollock, Feri Soleimanpour, Noor Reslan, Stephanie and Madeline Rice, Sanya Richardson, Mindy Ruffin, Dan and Judy Schliebe, Kate Seaback, Doreen Sternkopf, Patsy Stewart, Heather Stohlton, Suzanne Velasquez, Grace Yanzito, Julie Webb and Mandie Wright.

If anyone would like an invite to Snapfish pictures please email Julie Barrus. (jbarrus5@yahoo.com)

Welcome New PCK Board of Directors Members

Thank you to everyone who participated in our new online voting process. We are pleased to welcome our two newest Board members, Clay Anderson and Irene Borisov. They will be great additions to the team!

 6th Grade Parents – Next Week

Preparing for Middle School at PCK
April 26th at 4:00 P.M. (time change)
Middle School Commons

The presentation is geared for parents, but students may come. 

 Order School Supplies for Next School Year


Mark you calendars –   

Monday, May 1st 
Appreciation Station 
7:45 – 9:00 A.M.
Elementary Lunchroom

Community event to thank you, our volunteers, for all you do for us!
Please stop by. . . . 

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