From The Director

Dear Parents,

We are close to wrapping up our fifth week of remote learning, and by now I hope everyone has gotten into a nice routine of some sort. I know the additional work for all is still challenging, but I have seen and heard some very uplifting and encouraging stories about what our students are accomplishing during this period. Hats off to all the ‘at home teachers’ and the talented PCK staff for coming together to ensure the students are continuing to learn and grow, in spite of this shut down. This is true PCK teamwork at its best!

I am also encouraged by the news that our state will begin opening back up next week. Governor Polis has laid out a phased opening to ensure the safety of all Coloradans, and I trust you are as eager as I am to get back out there…to work, to our community, and to some level of normalcy. Unfortunately, the stay-at-home restrictions will not re-open enough to allow students to return to school this spring, but we will be eagerly waiting to welcome everyone back in August.  

In the next week or two, I will be sharing our plans for closing down the school year at the end of May. This will include a safe-distance/staggered schedule that allows students to return to the building to pick up personal items or clean out lockers, return loaner Chromebooks, library books, textbooks, and readers. Please be sure to check the Lost and Found at that time for missing uniform pieces and any other personal items. We will also announce a plan to celebrate our graduating 8th graders. I will have these details to you in early May.

Finally, just a note about next year: I’m sure you are hearing, as I am, the various predictions about what school may look like in the fall. Some predictions have us returning to normal with new added safety precautions in place, and other predictions have us continuing with remote learning through the fall. The reality is that no one knows just yet what the future will look like come August, but I do anticipate it will be a lean year budget-wise, with reductions in per pupil revenue (PPR) almost a certainty due to the impact of COVID-19 on our economy. It is comforting to note that PCK has endured lean times and recessions before, and come through them in true PCK fashion…strong! So, as we wait for final numbers and directions from the state and district, I remain optimistic and hopeful that we can resume our ‘normal’ school operation this coming August.  

Thank you for your continued trust in the PCK staff, and for your commitment to partnering with us until the very end of the 19-20 school year. Together, with our students, we will finish the year strong…PCK Strong!  

Hang in there,

Mrs. Aplin

Updates From The Specials Teachers

Projects for this week (get details on the art web page or on Google Classroom):

Kindergarten: Sun Collage
1st Grade – Still Life
Grades 2 & 3 – Nature Mandalas
Grades 4 – 6 – See the art web page

Character Coaching
Check out this week’s character lesson on dependability. It includes discussion questions and a game for your family.

Also, through June 30, Thrively is offering their B.R.E.A.T.H.E. playlist for free (use promo code BREATHE20). By “Taking Time to B.R.E.A.T.H.E.” kids learn to:

  • Boost their well-being and resilience
  • Strengthen their social-emotional skills
  • Better understand themselves and others
  • Practice self-care
  • Build habits that help them at school and at home.

Update from Mrs. Wright with this week’s reading challenge results. (4/23/20)

Musical Earth Day activities for grades K-5 (4/16/20)

Hello PCK Families, 

We hope you all had a great Earth Day yesterday, and got outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  If you didn’t, we have both indoor and outdoor Earth Day games you can have fun with as a family on our staff site!  We hope you all are healthy and happy, and that we will see you all soon.  

PE Department
Mr. Minshall
Mr. Cruz
Ms. Brownell

Elementary Spanish update (4/23/20)

Technology update (4/23/20)

Video Call Etiquette (A Request From Teachers)

Our teachers love working with your students over video and are excited with the progress they are seeing through remote learning. The following tips will help us, and your student, have even more successful and productive meetings with fewer distractions for all participants:

  1. Please be finished with your meals/snacks before the call begins.
  2. Make sure the sound is properly working on the student end. Parents may need to help with this at the beginning of each session.
  3. Please don’t use the chat feature unless your teacher has okayed this ahead of time.
  4. Please be dressed for learning (no pajamas, shirts are required).
  5. Please be sitting in a chair with the device on a firm table top or desk. Don’t be lounging in bed, rolling around on the floor, etc.
  6. Please turn off the television and music in the room prior to all meetings.  

Thank you, we appreciate your help!

Happy Earth Day

Check out this cute video made by Mrs. Dow-Peterson, her children, and Mrs. Koppenhafer to remind everyone to throw away their trash.

Don’t miss this Earth Day message from Parker Mayor, Mike Waid. Thank you for sharing this with us, Mr. Mayor!

This second grader drew an adorable elephant to show his thankfulness for the Earth on Earth Day.

Give Back To Those Who Support Us

Many businesses have helped PCK by offering Spirit Nights. We want to give back to those restaurants by supporting them during this challenging time. Here are some of the places you can order from in the coming weeks:

Artisan Pizzahttps://artisanpizzaco.com/ – Offering up “to go” and orders may be placed online.

Swirls –  swirlsyogurtco@gmail.com – Reach out via email to purchase gift cards for future use; Swirls is reopening tomorrow, April 24. 

Dough Dreameryhttps://doughdreamery.com/ – Curbside and pick up available. 

Portofino Pizza and Pastahttps://www.portofinopizzaandpasta.com/ – Take out and delivery available. 

Antonio’s Pizza Pasta and Wingshttps://www.antoniospizzapastawingsmenu.com/ – Pick up available. 

Chick Fil A – https://www.chick-fil-a.com/– Drive through is open.

Give Brains A Break

Switching up online activities throughout the day is necessary for your brain. Learn how you can help your family with this article from Screenagers.

Just For Fun

image saying Boredom BustersParents, let your kids give this cute Children’s Book Pictionary a try (courtesy of Mrs. Thompson). See if you can figure out the book titles based on the pictures.

The Calendar Says It’s Spring, But It’s Time To Order For Fall

Skip the back-to-school crowds at the store this summer and order your child’s school supplies through School Toolbox. All the supplies your student needs will be waiting on his/her desk at our Open House in August. Learn more about School Toolbox from this flier, and order between April 20 – June 7 at www.schooltoolbox.com.

The Creative Juices Are Flowing

We love seeing the great art projects students do at home! Here is an example from the recent “graffiti” project from the art teachers.

Great Things Are Happening At Home

One of our third graders made this poster for her first grade brother to remind him of different character traits. The definitions she wrote are fantastic!

If you have a funny, encouraging, or inspiring story about your time at home that you’d like to share with the PCK community while we are apart, feel free to send it to ddaniels@ckcs.net. Some stories/photos might appear in future issues of our newsletter!

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