From The Director

How are you holding up?  I asked our School Psychologist, Dr. Hannah Berry, to share some thoughts with all of you about the importance of taking care of yourself during this challenging and stressful time. Here is what she shared, and I hope it serves as a source of encouragement for you throughout the remote learning period. These are wise words…

As a School Psychologist and parent, I have been noticing the disconnect between what I “know” and what I am actually applying as a parent. 

I “know” that since the decision to close the doors of school for the remainder of the school year, my child will experience a sense of grief. Yet, when she acts out or seems to be very upset over small things, I become frustrated and wonder why. I “know” she does not necessarily know how to express her emotions, yet I allow my patience to run thin. I “know” that children feed off of the emotions of their parents, yet I am letting the jitters of uncertainty get the best of me from time to time. I “know” that connecting with her through play, making eye contact, and even hugs will help her feel comforted, but I tend to get lost in my emails and reading the latest on the virus.  

I also “know” that in the same way that I have to provide grace for her and what she is experiencing, I need to give myself grace. 

Grace and time to apply what I know with my child. Grace to allow myself to feel what I feel, then take a deep breath and be a calm foundation for her more emotional responses. The more grace I give myself during this time, the more grace I can extend to my child who is living in a world of uncertainty. As her parent, I can provide a sense of certainty in these ever changing times: certain love, certain routine, and certain comfort. And for the times I “mess up” and don’t, I can provide myself grace and try again.

One other fact to consider… we know that most kids thrive on structure and routine, and taking away in-person school has likely been a hard transition for them. For many of our kiddos, the news they will not be returning to school may cause them to experience a sense of grief or loss. They don’t know how to tell us outright what they’re thinking or how they’re feeling.  Instead, they may be acting up a bit more than usual or resisting your attempts to help them with their schoolwork. And, while this is all pretty normal and natural, sometimes simple changes can help you deal with and support their changing emotional needs.  I came across this list of tips (adapted from Margie Donlon, Psy.D) for parents during this time of adjustment. Please apply as appropriate or helpful to you.  

Hang in there, Mom and Dad – we will all get through this together!

Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter,

Mrs. Aplin & Dr. Berry

Updates From The Specials Teachers

Now more than ever, we need to lift up people in our community with words of kindness. This week we are asking our PCK families and teachers to make a connection with our community through art by lifting people’s spirits with messages painted on rocks. Something so small can make a big difference in someone’s day. It could be the perfect message for the right person at that time. Please watch this video on the origin of this project.

Here are next week’s projects for grades K – 6:

Kindergarten- Tractors and Trucks
1st- Monet
2nd-Graffiti Art
3rd-Jasper Johns
4th-6th Graffiti Art

Art lessons, enrichment activities, and our student art gallery can be accessed through the art teachers’ website and Google Classroom.

Letter from the art teachers (4/2/20)

Character Coaching
Watch this fun video from Leader In Me with your students. Make sure to discuss the questions at the end of the video.

From Mrs. Wright:

Be sure to take a look at my website at:   https://sites.google.com/ckcs.net/library/home

The Reading Challenge is extended until May 22. Now you have more time to read and win! Please email me or send me a Google doc with your list of books no later than Monday at noon each week. I will post the names of the students in the lead to win a tablet on Tuesdays and in the Thursday newsletter.


In the lead – DYANNA B. in Mrs. Schannuth’s class!
2nd place – EMILIO S-R. in Mrs. Baker’s class
3rd place – GRIFFIN A. in Mrs. Church’s class

In the lead – AMULYA T. in Mrs. Seaback’s class!
2nd place – THERESE M. in Mrs. Carr’s class
3rd place – ANIKA S. in Mrs. Strobel’s class

In the lead – AYLA W. in Miss Gauthier’s class!
2nd place – GRACE C. in Mr. Robbins’ class
3rd place – EASTON S. in Mr. Robbins’ class



Music (links shared on 3/26)


Update From PE (4/9/20)

Please see these “Game Week” activities! 

FitnessLand Board Game
Wheel of Fortune
Monopoly Score Card
Family Fitness Uno

Update for students in grades 1 – 4 (4/9/20)

Letter from the technology teachers (4/9/20)

The Earth Day Photo Contest Is On

When students go outside for some fresh air, remind them to take a camera. Get the details on our Earth Day Photo Contest here, including how to submit a photo.

Also, a PCK dad from Burns & McDonnell typically helps our students during Earth Day, and the company sends a team of female engineers to work with our kids on that day. Since we won’t see them in person this year, check out their website for great hands-on STEM-related activities and videos.

Order Your School Toolbox For Next Year

Skip the back-to-school crowds at the store this summer and order your child’s school supplies through School Toolbox. All the supplies your student needs will be waiting on his/her desk at our Open House in August. Learn more about School Toolbox from this flier, and order at www.schooltoolbox.com.

The Show Must Go On – Don’t Miss Shrek The Musical This Summer

Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets in support of the PCK Music Department and our production of Shrek The Musical. You may have seen that your tickets were recently refunded by SeatYourself as we are rescheduling our show. Tickets will be available for purchase again in July for our July 31st and August 1 performances. We look forward to hosting you again soon!

PCK Board Election Postponed

We understand families have a lot to manage right now, so we are postponing our annual Board election to September 15.

Home-school Hacks

This article of back-to-school hacks has many ideas that apply perfectly to getting organized for doing school at home. Check it out to see what could work for your family.

Also, if your student struggles to put away technology at bedtime, the tips in this article from Screenagers may help. Remind your child that a consistent bedtime routine is important for staying healthy and doing well in school, even when school happens at home.

We Are Too Creative to be Bored

image saying Boredom BustersThis is a great time for kids to explore and expand their imaginations. Click here for nine ways to support your child’s creativity.

Get Ready For A Robotic Summer

We have two amazing robotics summer camps planned to help kids have fun while learning useful design and programming skills. Get the details here. You can register through our Web Store by June 1.

Our Students Are Using Their Time To Be Creative

Many students are enjoying the project ideas from our art teachers. Here are just a couple of examples of the amazing work kids are doing at home.

Great Things Happening At Home

One of our sweet second graders drew this picture of our school when she was missing her teacher and friends at PCK.

Our National Junior Honor Society advisor, Mrs. Bender, reminded the NJHS students to look for ways to serve while at home, such as helping around the house without being asked, working with younger siblings, assisting neighbors while maintaining a safe distance, etc. She challenged them to find one small thing to do each week. Grace Y. decided to make masks for her family, friends, and the hospital. She said, “Every day we do something to add a little sunshine to someone’s day.” Cool Star Wars mask? Yes please! Way to go, Grace.

If you have a funny, encouraging, or inspiring story about your time at home that you’d like to share with the PCK community while we are apart, feel free to send it to ddaniels@ckcs.net. Some stories/photos might appear in future issues of our newsletter!

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