From The Director

We are in the final stretch!  It’s hard to believe our crazy COVID year is almost over, and that we are ending with a higher degree of normalcy than when we first started last August. I vividly remember how much anxiety we all felt (well, I don’t know about you, but I sure felt it) at the start of the year, and now there is a strong sense of relief and optimism that we are nearing the tail end of this pandemic. My sincere hope is that PCK, and all schools around our state and country, will be on track for ‘back to normal’ come August 2021. What a difference a year can make!

Here are some odds and ends to finish off the school year.

Graduation: Tomorrow is the last day for our 8th graders. This is always a bitter-sweet day for the middle school. The students are usually so happy to be done (‘We’re out of here!’), but after their traditional hall walk at the end of our day, they dissolve into a puddle of tears and goodbyes…only to reconnect later that day or weekend for more graduation festivities. The teachers and parents are also often seen wiping a tear or two. The 8th graders will have their graduation ceremony offsite next Tuesday evening, just like always! We wish them all the very best as they leave PCK and prepare to enter high school next fall.

Staffing: Some of you have asked about staffing changes. Next Thursday, we will publish an entire list of all the changes on tap for next year.  

Summer Work Projects: This summer we are focusing our facility improvements on the original wing of PCK (primary grade hallway). We will be painting and recarpeting classrooms from the preschool all the way down to the front lobby. Additionally, several of the grades are changing rooms, so look for a new school layout map come fall. The board is also hoping to budget to begin remodeling the two bathrooms in the preschool and primary wings. The actual work may not happen this summer, but the funds would be available once the timing is right and supplies are available.

Field Day 2021: It is back on this year and scheduled for our last day of school next Thursday, May 27th! We have split our grades into two groups to help reduce the number of students actually outside on the field at any given time. Grades 1-7 will participate in Field Day, with a new rotation of events and different times of the day. Small end-of-year parties are also planned for each of our grades.  

Welcome Back REO Students: Next week our REO students are invited to join their grade level peers for some fun end-of-year activities. We are excited to welcome them back to their classrooms.

That’s it for today,

Mrs. Aplin

From The Incoming Vice Director

Hello PCK families,

My name is Trustin Thompson, and I want to take a moment to introduce myself as the new Vice Director of PCK. I am a native of Colorado, born and raised in Steamboat Springs. I attended the University of Wyoming where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in secondary education, with an emphasis in history. After college, my wife and I moved to California where I continued my education, earning a Master’s Degree in curriculum and instruction, with an emphasis in language and culture from the University of Redlands. While living in California, I taught at a charter school called Options for Youth, where I worked with students in grades 7-12. This teaching experience taught me so much about being a kind, caring, and patient educator. After teaching in California for two years, my wife and I returned to Colorado and I took one of the 6th grade teaching positions at PCK. In the last year I was able to fulfill one of my dreams by completing my second masters program where I earned a Master’s Degree in administration and supervision from the University of Phoenix.  

I have always known that PCK was a good fit for me as an educator. Many of the educational philosophies and tenets that make Parker Core Knowledge so successful are the very same that I practice and uphold as a teacher, parent, and mentor. I know that this school has made me a better educator, one who is ethical, compassionate, and driven to provide the best possible educational experience for my students. I want to take what this school has given me and utilize it to ensure future generations are equipped to be upstanding and educated citizens of this great nation. My experience at our beloved school has shown me that there is no greater calling for me than to help lead PCK with the integrity and passion that our students, families, and community members deserve.

I have educated students at PCK for the past eight years and have seen first-hand the systemic operation that empowers students to achieve great success beyond anything else in the state of Colorado. I have witnessed great acts of leadership that have guided the school to consistent academic and social excellence. I have worked with teachers and staff at PCK whose desire to educate children is second to none. Everything that PCK does represents education at its finest. As the new Vice Director, I want to continue this legacy that has been expertly crafted and cultivated. I am honored to have this opportunity as the new Vice Director at PCK, and I am eager to begin working with Mrs. Harth, the school staff, students, and families.


Trustin Thompson

Spirit Week Fun

Next week is a dress down spirit week! Students may dress according to the following themes, being sure to follow the dress down day dress code.

Monday – Class choice
Tuesday – Beach day (NO SWIMSUITS ALLOWED)
Wednesday – Crazy hair day
Thursday – Field day/athletic attire

Fall Sports Are Back

In August, students in grade 6 – 8 can try out for PCK’s girls volleyball team, boys soccer team, or our co-ed cross country team. Please see this flyer for the dates and details for each sport. Also, tryouts for next year’s Spirit Team continue this afternoon and Monday. We are so excited to have fall sports back again!

What Makes A Superhero?

While learning what makes a hero and designing their own superhero personas, kids at week 2 of PCK’s summer camp will play games, make crafts, and enjoy activities that bring out their own super qualities. See our flyer for details on each week’s theme, then register here or contact Vinny Ortega at vortega@ckcs.net with questions. Space is limited so sign up today! 

Don’t Miss The Year’s Last Cougar Cast

Learn about the character trait of generosity, an out-of-this-world discovery, the enormous titanoboa, the evolution of science, the Mars rover, and plant communication in this episode of Cougar Cast. Make sure you stick around after the credits for “The Late Afternoon Show.”

Middle school students have the opportunity to sign up now for next year’s Cougar Cast elective.

Congratulations, Cougars!


PCK Girls Soccer Team

Congratulations to the PCK girls soccer team and PCK girls volley ball team on winning their SMAC championships! Way to go, girls! You make us #PCKproud!


PCK Girls Volleyball Team


Yearbooks Are Here!

image o the word yearbook surrounded by colorful brush strokesThe 2020-21 yearbooks will be handed out next week to those who pre-ordered one. You can still place an order and the book will be delivered to your home over the summer. Go to www.treering.com and enter passcode 1015343699083637.

Please Watch Your Speed

We recently received some complaints from our neighbors about PCK parents speeding on Centerpark Loop. Please remember the speed limit is 25 mph. Thanks for helping us be good neighbors to our surrounding community!

Enjoy A Great Summer of Reading

Students currently in kindergarten through 4th grade get to participate in this summer’s Reading Challenge! Students will bring home all the information in their Thursday Folders, but in case the reading log gets misplaced, here is a digital version. There will be a drawing for a prize basket for each grade level.  Students who read at least six books AND 600 minutes are eligible to win! Students in 4th grade (going into 5th grade) are to select two books from this list.

Time To Return All Library Books

image of a heat-shaped book shelf with books on itPlease look around your house, car, and student backpacks for any library books that need to be returned to PCK. You might be surprised at how quickly the prices are rising on some books, and we would hate for anyone to get an unexpected replacement book charge. Please have your student return all PCK library books as soon as possible.

Volunteer Opportunity

We are looking for a volunteer to take the lead with our School Toolbox orders and fundraiser. The School Toolbox program benefits PCK and the PTA. We need an individual to work alongside the current program lead for the 2021-2022 school year, then take over the program entirely at the end of the year. This volunteer opportunity requires dedication throughout the year with various on- and off-campus tasks. If you are interested, please contact Allison (the current program lead) at allisonsampson411@gmail.com.

And don’t forget to order your School Toolbox for the 2021-22 school year. See this flyer for details. Ordering is available now at schooltoolbox.com. The deadline to order is June 6.

Come Check Our Lost And Found

lost and foundThe lost and found is overflowing with sweatshirts, water bottles, and even one shoe! Please make sure all of your family’s belongings are claimed before the end of the school year. Items left behind will be donated. Please also remember to label EVERYTHING your child brings to school with his/her first and last name.

Don’t Miss Our Adorable Ducklings

We have ducklings in our elementary science lab and they are our newest YouTube stars! Check out our PCK Duckling Cam to see the action. The live stream will typically run from 4:00pm – midnight, and you can watch videos from previous days. If our ducklings happen to be taking a break, tune in another time.

Thank You, Safety Dads

image that says think safety firstA huge thank you to Jerry Leonard, Andrew Campbell, and Dev Purohit for being this week’s Safety Dads. We truly appreciate the time you took from your week to be an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands around the school.

A special thanks to Mr. Leonard who chased away a hawk that was eyeing our ducklings while they were outside in their pen enjoying some sunshine. Thank you for saving our friends, Mr. Leonard! 

There are a couple of openings for Safety Dads next week.  Get more information and sign up to volunteer here.

From the PTA

May Spirit Night Tonight
Don’t miss our Spirit Night TONIGHT at Santortas. This new restaurant is owned by PCK’s very own Santana-Roman family! Stop by the restaurant at 19250 Lincoln Avenue (at the southeast corner of Lincoln and Parker Road, near Dunkin’ Donuts) any time from 10:30am – closing on Thursday, May 20th and mention PCK at check out. Santortas will donate a very generous 40% of the proceeds to support the PTA. Thank you, Santana-Romans! We hope to see you there to enjoy the authentic and delicious Mexican tortas.

Retirement Open House for Mrs. Aplin
The PTA and Foundation are thrilled to invite you to a celebration of Mrs. Aplin’s 19 years of service at Parker Core Knowledge. The Open House celebration is next Thursday, May 27th in the PCK Sports Gym. Stop by to say hello and wish her well between 4:30 – 6:00pm. See the invitation here.

PTA Summer Used Uniform Sale
The summer sale will be Sunday, June 13th, 2:00 – 4:00pm. We hope this is early enough in the summer for families to shop used, and still have enough time to fill any gaps at Dennis before the new year starts in August. See the price list here.

 Please direct any questions to ckcspta@gmail.com.

The Foundation Wants Your Feedback

The Foundation thanks each family again for your generosity this year. We asked a lot from you and we truly appreciate your support. A huge thank you to our parents, teachers, and staff for getting us through this crazy year! And a huge thank you to our sponsors for being flexible and generous with your contributions!

We tried some new fundraising ideas this year and we would love to hear your opinion. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey so we can best represent you next year. 


The Foundation is currently seeking new members and volunteers for next year. If you are interested in joining us or looking for ways to meet your volunteer requirements, please contact Amy DeNicolo.

Keep Skills Sharp Over The Summer

PCK’s Summer Skills Sharpener Series gives students math and language arts support over the break in June and July. Whether your student needs help in these areas before moving on to the next grade level, or you want to prevent the dreaded “summer slide,” these classes can make a big difference for kids. Get the details here.

News From Our Littlest Learners

To all of you from all of us, we wish you a joy-filled, super fun summer! See you next year!

Making Art From Science

Students in 2nd grade art class got to visit the new ducklings in our science lab and draw them. They loved observing our feathered friends in a new, artistic light.

Remote Learning Can Be Fun and Tasty

While first grade was quarantined recently, Mrs. Miller and Miss Pie gave a lesson on measurements and doubling measurements while baking cookies. Some students followed the recipe with their parents at home, and everyone got a sweet treat when they came back to school.


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