From The Director

Dear Parents,

Summer greetings to all PCK families, and a warm welcome to our new families! I hope this summer newsletter finds you enjoying the beautiful (and hot) summer weather and outdoor activities. Can you believe school will be starting in less than a month? Where did the summer go?  

The purpose of my summer news is to touch base and bring you up to speed on what’s been happening around the school while you’ve been on break, and to provide some important information about upcoming dates and events for your 2019-20 school calendar. I will also share the PCK Board’s priorities for the coming year and provide a brief staff update.  

Construction Update

ROOF:  The project to install our new roof and replace the RTUs (roof top units for heat and air conditioning) on the original wing of our building is proceeding smoothly. We are so thankful to the voters of Douglas County for passing the 2018 bond and mill levy, which provided the funding for our new RTUs. The roof replacement is part of our regular facility maintenance plan, and is funded through our capital reserves.  

ELEMENTARY SCIENCE LAB: The new Elementary Science Room is shaping up to be very exciting. Construction on the east side of our original wing (old main entrance area) is also proceeding well. These last few weeks are critical in terms of our project timeline, but we expect (fingers crossed) to have everything ready by the time school starts. I can’t wait for everyone to see the new space and for the students to experience our beautiful new science facility with hands-on learning stations. The bathrooms across from the Events Gym are also undergoing a remodel. For student safety and monitoring purposes, we wanted to open up the access a bit and update all the old tile. We also added a second set of security doors to the East Entrance, which will allow us to maintain our secured access protocol at all entrances. This entire section will have a new, updated look and function.  

SECURED FRONT ENTRANCE: Our Main Entrance is also undergoing a big transformation. We have bumped out the main entry/reception area and really opened up the main lobby and Middle School stairway entrance. Additionally, we created a new student services area with access to the health room, and rerouted staff/parent access to the front and back office areas. The net effect of all these changes will be a defined and secured area for visitors and deliveries that is outside our secured perimeter. Once checked in, all parents and visitors will be buzzed into the secured area. This was the main driver for the renovation, and I think you all will be very pleased with the final result.  

I am excited to see it all finished, but we still have three weeks to go…timing is tight, but expected to be ready by early August. A HUGE shout-out to Tricia Calandra, PCK parent and Board member, who is managing these multiple projects for us! She has been at the school virtually every day this summer making sure the work is progressing properly and on schedule.  Thank you, Tricia!

PCK Board Priorities for 2019

During their annual summer planning session, the PCK Board established the following priorities for the 2019-20 school year:

  1. Explore refinancing options for current building debt to potentially incorporate the following building updates;
  2. Finalize design plans for modification (enlarging) of the 5th & 6th grade classrooms, secure cost estimates;
  3. Finalize details of Phase 2 bathroom remodel in original wing of school, secure cost estimates;
  4. Finalize design plans for modification of current Art Room into two full-day Kindergarten classrooms, secure cost estimates;
  5. Finalize design plans for modification and expansion of current AM/PM Kindergarten classroom for new Art Room, secure cost estimates;
  6. Explore additional building security options, including feasibility of a School Resource Officer (SRO).
Staff Update

I am pleased to announce Caydn Laing will join the staff as a Resource Teacher. Please join me in welcoming Caydn to the PCK family.

One Final Note…

You may have heard about the recent hit-and-run accident that occurred in front of our school the morning of July 4. I was deeply saddened to learn the man killed was Mr. Chuck Vogel, former HOA president and my long-time contact with the Lincoln Creek Development behind our school. Chuck was a respected member of his community, and I always appreciated his willingness to work with me and the school to resolve periodic issues and concerns with traffic, parking, or safety. On behalf of the entire PCK community, I offer my sincere condolences to his family and the Lincoln Creek community.  

In just a few short weeks we will welcome you all back for our annual Open House event. In the meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy summertime in Colorado…or wherever else your summer travels may take you. I look forward to seeing you all back at school very soon!  


Mrs. Aplin

Mark You Calendar For These Important Dates

  • JULY 15  Express check-in officially opened!  Feel free to begin the 19-20 registration process by clicking on the 2019-2020 Express Check-In slide at ckcs.net. We kindly ask that you have ALL forms completed and fees paid by our Open House event on August 8th.


  • JULY 20  Used Uniform Sale/Popsicles and Playground Event, THIS Saturday, 9 a.m. outside the Sports Gym at PCK.  The PTA is hosting this popular event, so come early, park in the small parking lot out back (Center Park Loop) and bring the kids for some early uniform shopping, popsicles, and playground fun. Remember, the smaller items are the first to go, so come early!


  • AUGUST 8  Welcome Back Open House Event, 12 – 4 p.m.  Come see what’s new around the school, meet your teachers, bring school supplies (or find them on your desk if you ordered ToolBox supplies), and reconnect with friends and classmates. Please complete all Registration paperwork before you arrive, including registering as a PCK volunteer in RAPTOR (NEW step this year) and submitting the online Carpool Registration form.

  • AUGUST  10 End-of-Summer Pool Party, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at H2O’Brien Pool.  This is a PCK-only event, and admission is free to all PCK families.

  • AUGUST 12 &14  The 2019-20 School year officially begins!  Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders start on 8/12, followed by K-5 on 8/14.  

New Spirit Wear For Parents

In response to numerous parent requests, the PCK PTA has organized a new line of PCK spirit wear for adults. Visit the PCK spirit site at https://schmancy-tees-and-gifts.myshopify.com/collections/parker-core-knowledge and stock up on your favorite spirit wear before the new year begins. Then you will be all set to show your PCK spirit at sporting events, other non-sporting school events, or even just around town. After all, we are PCK PROUD, right?! Please note these are not uniform items for students.

Stay in The Charter School Information Loop

Care to stay informed about issues, changes and decisions impacting charters in DCSD? The Alliance of Douglas County Charter Schools (The Alliance for short) is a newly formed organization committed to serving the unique needs and interests of Douglas County Charter Schools.  In conjunction with the Colorado League of Charter Schools, The Alliance would like to send out periodic updates and information concerning DCSD charter schools to help keep charter parents informed.  If you would like to receive periodic notifications and updates, including information about charter-specific legislation, please click here. It is important for charter parents to stay informed.

NEW Volunteer Process

As you will see when you complete the Express Check-In registration for your student, we have a new process for volunteering in the school. All families are still asked to volunteer at least 20 hours per school year, but now you will complete a RAPTOR volunteer application indicating your areas of interest. This helps us direct opportunities to interested parents and complete any necessary background checks, making your volunteer experience go smoothly with an easy check-in at our front desk. All volunteers will still need to present a drivers license or government-issued photo ID the first time you volunteer for the year, but after that your check-in time should be quick and easy. Please make sure you complete the form during the Express Check-In process so it is completed before our Open House on August 8. You can also access the form here

For Future Reference…

PCK music and theater performances are very popular, and with good reason! The students and staff work hard to put on performances the whole family can enjoy, including grandparents and those with mobility issues. With that in mind, we kindly ask the following from our audiences:

  •     Please keep all family member attendees, including ALL siblings, with you at all times. Young attendees should not be running around or playing on the sides of the gym or in the halls before, during, or after any PCK performance. This is for the safety and viewing pleasure of all attendees.
  •     Please remain quiet during performances. It is very disruptive when the audience is noisy, and unfair to our hardworking performers.
  •     We appreciate when cell phones are turned off and put away…enjoy the performance.  Some things are meant to be ‘experienced,’ and not recorded.
  •      For concerts during school hours, please refrain from pulling younger/older siblings out of class. This is very disruptive to the class overall. Longer performances are generally scheduled at night and on weekends when the whole family can attend.   

Thank you for helping us model the same Appropriate Audience Behavior Expectations we teach here at PCK! 


Thirty PCK middle school students traveled to Washington D.C. in early June. They were able to see Williamsburg, every monument in D.C., and Mount Vernon. It was a fantastic trip with perfect weather! 

See You In August!



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