From the Director

You will never hear as much about our carpool as you will at the start of the school year, BUT…we are making good progress!  We even received a compliment from the HOA in Lincoln Creek.  Thank you to all parents for your patience and willingness to help ensure a smooth carpool process for all. It will get better…

Tonight is Back-to-School Night for 6th grade since they will be up at Science Camp next week when the rest of our Back-to-School Nights are held.  Tonight, we will start with a general session in the gym, followed by presentations from the teachers about the academic program in 6th grade.  Many parents will have questions about Science Camp, and the teachers will set aside time at the end to address all questions.  Next week, our two Back-to-School Nights start at 5:30 with identical classroom sessions at both 5:30 and 6:45; there will be an all-parent general session in the gym from 6 – 6:35.  Please plan to attend your child’s classroom session, and one of the general sessions (either night).  I will be introducing new staff, sharing our goals for the year, and updating you on the work of the PCK Board.
Finally, don’t forget about the PTA’s all-school POOL PARTY at H2O’Brien Park in downtown Parker.  Starting at 6:30 p.m., this free event is open to all PCK families, so pack a picnic dinner and join in the fun as we kick-off to the 20161-17 school year.  
See you all next week…or tonight, if you have a 6th grader.
Mrs. Aplin

Back to School Nights Next Week
K-3 Tuesday, Aug 30th 

Classroom sessions 5:30 and 6:45

General session in gym 6:00

4-5 Wednesday, Aug 31st 

Classroom sessions 5:30 and 6:45 

General session in gym 6:00

7 & 8 Wednesday, Aug 31st 

General session in gym 6:00

Spanish & Tech Presentation  6:35 – 7:05

Core Classroom Presentations  7:10 – 8:25


Tomorrow is the  “Last Friday of the Month” all school dress down day.  Just a reminder to review dress down day guidelines Dress Down Policies

Sign up for Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are emailed to families through the HelpCounter volunteer system. New families need to create a HelpCounter account to be notified of opportunities, as well as to be able to log their volunteer hours. Please go to the following link: https://www.helpcounterweb.com/ci/volunteer and click “Create New User Name” to create a new account or to log in to an existing account.  For questions, contact Becky Harvey, PCK Volunteer Coordinator at gbharvey7701@comcast.net.

Art Volunteers Meeting

There will be an art volunteer meeting on August 31st at 9:00 a.m.  Anyone who is interested, as well as those that have volunteered in the past, are ask to attend. We will be going over procedures and expectations and answer any questions.  For more information please contact Mrs. Barker or Mrs. FitzRandolph

 Lunchroom and Laundry Volunteers Needed

The Lunchroom and  Lunchroom Laundry sign-ups have been updated for the first half of the year.  Please feel free to sign up to help. 

New this year . . .  
This school year we are launching a smart phone app of our school directory. The app will include names, address, phone numbers, email addresses, class rosters, calendars, link to Lunch on the Go, etc.  The information to be included in the school directory is pulled from Infinite Campus student data that was reviewed by you during the check-in process.  If you would like to opt out of any part or all of your household information please go the the link below to opt out. 
 You will be notified when the app is available and given your one-time password and instructions via email from directoryontap@gmail.com.  We expect the app to go live in mid September if not sooner. 

 PTA POOL PARTY….. This Weekend!!


PCK Sweatshirts (K-6)

Sweatshirts can be ordered at the Back to School Nights.  
PCK Sweatshirt Order Form (Download)

Musical Instrument Donations Needed

The PCK Band program continues to grow and grow! Got an old instrument not being used any more? We’d be glad to put it to some use! We are looking for donations of the following: Snare Drums and Snare Stands, Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones,Trumpets, and Trombones.  

Musical Production

  Registration is now open for Grades 3 and 4, rehearsals will start on August 23rd. The $100 registration fee covers tuition, and most costuming. The final performance is November 19th.
To register go to https://parkercoreknowledge.revtrak.net/tek9.asp?pg=rw_music.

Fall Sports

Boys Soccer is back on!  Tryouts will continue on Monday, August 29th at 3:20 P.M. The roster will be cut to 18 to ensure playing time for those on the team. Registration will open after tryouts. 

All students who wish to participate in PCK Athletics must complete a Physicians Release and return the form to the PCK Athletic Director, Travis Cruz. 

For those parents that will be transporting students other than their own, please download and complete the Authorization of Private Vehicle


RE: North Carpool loop (K & 1st):  As some of you noted, the sheriff’s department was patrolling in the neighborhood behind the school. They are working on a few traffic issues – not following the one way signs, stacking in the neighborhood streets, etc.  An excerpt from the officer’s letter to the homeowners –

“I will be back out there on Thursday. . . .
I spoke with our traffic engineering department and will have them change some of the “no parking” signs to “no stopping, standing or parking” signs.  We have had very good luck in other problem areas of the county with similar signage changes.
All in all, this school car line is one of the smoothest we have in Douglas County.  I am confident that after we get the parents educated about where to line up that there will cease to be any further problems.”
Sergeant Chris Wasbhurn #97-02
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Patrol Division – Traffic Unit
TuesdayFriday 8AM to 6PM
Thank you PCK parents for your cooperation.  In both the North and South loops we ask that you arrive during your carpool window and not before – vehicles that are stopped on either Center Park Loop or Pine Dr are subject to a citation from the Sheriff’s Dept.  Once the carpool line starts moving, you will not be in violation. 

Yearbook Pictures Needed Year-Round

Photographers needed for Yearbook! If you have a camera and attend school events, please sign-up to be an official school photographer for Yearbook. We need several volunteers to cover all the events at our active school. If interested, please contact Joey Dame at: jjdame@comcast.net Remember, time spent taking pictures count towards your required volunteer hours.


PCK has it’s own photo sharing website! Through the website, we have the ability to upload or download pictures from any computer with access to the website. Missed an event? Check the website to see if another parent may have caught your child in action and download the pictures to your home computer. Attended an event? Help out another parent by uploading your pictures to the website so they can see what they missed. As an added bonus, “shared” pictures are our main resource for our Yearbook photos, so upload those pictures today! Here’s how:

Site: http://skydrive.live.com
Windows Live I.D.: PCKPhotos@hotmail.com
Password: cougars80138

To upload pictures:
 1. Click on the Folder Name where you wish to upload your photo.

 2. Click Upload at the top to transfer your photos.

 3. Now you can directly drag and drop your photos to the upload box or click “select them from your computer” to navigate to where you have stored photos on your personal computer and transfer them for viewing.

Any questions, please email Joey Dame at jjdame@comcast.net

Without you, our yearbook would be empty, so please share!

Middle School Community Service  

Thank Yous

To Peggy Carter for the delicious muffins she brought to us last week.  

To PTA for the new and improved paper cutter for the staff workroom.  



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