From The Director

Dear Parents,  

With our new school year comes many changes, including several new acronyms. Acronyms are convenient for those who know what they mean, and schools are notorious for using them. However, we have learned that our two newest acronyms, REO and THEO, deserve further explanation. Among PCK parents, we are learning there is some confusion as to the differences between THEO, REO, and even general Remote Learning programs. We are currently working on a document that will clarify the differences between these program, and it will be released next week in the Thursday news. 

In the meantime, a quick word about absences. Any time your child stays home from school, for any reason, please call our front desk at 303-840-7070 to report the absence. You will then be emailed a brief attendance form to complete asap. You MUST submit this form (in addition to calling the front desk) every time your child is absent as the form provides us with additional information about why your student is staying home, and it helps us know how to best serve your child. If your student is absent for more than three consecutive days, you will be contacted by our THEO Coordinator (Mrs. Myers) about helping your student learn from home while absent.  

Regular absences do still exist. Kiddos who are not feeling well with minor symptoms, or possibly staying home awaiting results of a COVID test, on a family trip, etc. are treated as regular absences. PCK’s regular attendance and make-up policy applies. Please contact your child’s classroom teacher for make-up directions. Once your child is able to return to school, the classroom teacher will coordinate any make-up assignments that are outstanding.

THEO (Temporary Home Education Option) and REO (Remote Education Option) are very different from our regular absences, and unique to the 20-21 school year. These two programs will be detailed in next week’s Thursday news.

Thank you, as always, for your support, encouragement and patience as we all forge new territory this school year. I especially appreciate the communication between home and school that I’ve seen in just four short weeks. Your willingness to keep us posted about your child’s health this year is KEY to our ability to help keep our community healthy and our school OPEN.


Mrs. Aplin

Can We Connect?

Please make sure your contact information is correct in Infinite Campus so we can get in touch with you in case of an emergency. Log into Infinite Campus, then click on the three lines in the upper left-hand corner to access a drop-down menu. Select “More” at the very bottom of the menu. When the “More” page opens, select “Family Information.” You can update your phone number and email address from this page. If you receive the weekly newsletter, your information is correct. If you don’t, please check your spam/junk folder and your contact information.

Also, please make sure your emergency contact (the person we notify if we can’t get in touch with a parent) lives in the area and is able to pick up your student if needed. To update your emergency contact, click on “More” from the menu on the left-hand side of the page, then select “Demographics.” You will see your current emergency contact names, and will have the option to “update” an existing contact or “add” a new one.

Please contact our school registrar, Nancy Redfern, if you need assistance updating your information.

Can My Student Come To School?

If your student has mild cold symptoms you may wonder, ” Should I send my child to school today?” Please keep your student at home, even with mild cold symptoms. As a general rule of thumb this year, keep your child at home if you have any concerns. Thanks for your help in keeping our community healthy!

Thank You For Supporting Colorado Fire Fighters

Last Friday’s dress down day raised $1,250 for the Glenwood Springs Fire Department. Way to go, PCK — thank you for your support!

Please Send An Extra Mask

Since masks sometimes get lost or dirty, it is helpful when students have spare masks, labeled with their names, in their backpacks. Thanks for your help with this.

Vote For Our Board Of Directors

Elections for our two open Board of Director’s positions will be held online next Tuesday, September 15. Please watch your inbox for a link to your ballot.

Click on each name to read the biographies of our candidates:

Charlie Miller
Michelle McLeod
Randy Lastar
Rion Buswell

Thank you to all of our candidates for your willingness to serve our school!

Nurse News and Notes 

Health update on first grade COVID cases: 
As of today, we have four cases, all in the same classroom cohort. Symptoms of COVID-19-positive individuals have included: temperature of 99-100.4, runny nose, congestion, cough, sore throat, headache, and/or stomachache. Most of the individuals have had two or three of these symptoms, and symptoms have generally been mild, “like a cold,” that prompted testing. We appreciate families being cautious and keeping siblings home if/when the quarantined sibling has become sick and is getting a COVID-19 test. We believe this has helped decrease the spread to other grade levels. Just a reminder that siblings of students who are quarantined can attend school as long as no one is sick at home and being tested for COVID-19. 

We request you let us know if a family member is getting tested for COVID-19. Keeping your students home while waiting for results of another family member is also best practice to decrease spread of infection. Remote learning will be initiated in these cases.  

Also, we heard some parents were unable to open the links in this post last week. The links have all been updated, so please let us know if you have trouble opening any of them.

Major or minor COVID-19 symptoms
When to return to school following illness or COVID-19 symptoms 
Guidelines for other illness symptoms and returning to school 

If you have any questions, please contact dsmith@ckcs.net

Join Us In Welcoming Allison Gillen… Again!

We are thrilled to welcome 4th grade teacher Allison Gillen to the PCK team because we have known her most of her life. Ms. Gillen was a PCK student herself, and attended our school from kindergarten all the way through 8th grade! She is so happy to be teaching at the school she grew up in, and to be working with PCK students.

Before joining the staff at PCK, she taught at schools in the Bronx and Washington Heights in New York, as well as in Denver. Her free time is currently filled by playing with Mazie, her new puppy.

Welcome back to PCK, Ms. Gillen!

Meet Haley Beaumont

Haley Beaumont is a new member of our Tier Two Intervention Team, and she coaches our cross country team. She earned her teaching degree from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, and received two add-on teaching degrees while substitute teaching in North Carolina. She loves the opportunity to influence the lives and learning of children, and is excited to help PCK students grow.

In her free time, Mrs. Beaumont enjoys being outdoors with family and friends. She also likes crafting.

We are glad to have you on the PCK team, Mrs. Beaumont!

Traveling For Fall Break?

At this time, Tri-County Health does not have any travel restrictions in place for Douglas County. However, if you plan to travel for fall break, please monitor the area you will be in to see if it is, or becomes, a hotspot. If you return from fall break and think you might have been exposed to COVID-19, please notify the school and plan to stay home until you know you and your family are healthy. Thanks for your vigilance over the break!

Order Your 2020-21 Yearbook

image o the word yearbook surrounded by colorful brush strokesThis year, you did not pay for a yearbook as part of the school fees as you have done in the past. Our school photographer is handling all yearbook orders this year. To reserve a yearbook for your student(s), please click here. When asked for a passcode, use 1015343699083637. Order before September 30 to receive a 10% discount off the regular price of $19.65! Click here for details

Connecting With Character 

Congratulations to the following students who were nominated for character awards either right before we went to remote learning last spring, or while we were doing remote learning:

Eleanor D. – Enthusiasm
Lauren R. – Enthusiasm
Zoe L. – Diligence

These students received their awards last Friday. This semester we are holding virtual character assemblies on the first Friday of each month. Students will see a live-stream from Mrs. Aplin while in their classrooms. Younger students will then see a video skit from “Detectives Myers and Daniels and the Case of The Missing Character.” Students who receive a character award may wear their shirt on the first Friday of every month (with uniform pants/skirts). Students who received awards last year may continue to wear their shirts on the first Friday of the month as long as they still fit.

Our trait for September is Flexibility – adjusting to change with a good attitude. Students are learning about flexibility in character coaching class this week. Please discuss the following questions with your student(s):

  • How can change be a positive thing?
  • In what ways should you NOT change?
  • A flexible person looks for the good in changes: True or False
  • Imagine you are planning to spend the afternoon with friends, but your parents need you to do something else. How should you respond?

News For REO Families

Character At Home
Enjoy these Second Step character lessons with your students:

Kindergarten and first grade – Managing frustration
Second and third grade – Managing embarrassment
Fourth grade and up – Managing strong feelings

Exercising At Home
If you are looking for ideas to encourage your student to exercise while learning from home, see if the suggestions in this article from Screenagers could work for your family.

A Day Off Of School Is Fun At Core Care Club 

We have a staff in-service day next Friday, September 18 so students will not have school. Our Core Care Club will be open for those needing full-day care for their students. The program will run from 7:30am – 4:00pm and will cost $50 per student. Watch for more details coming soon! Please contact Vinnie Ortega if you have questions.

PTA News

Thank you to everyone who joined our first PTA Zoom meeting of the year. It was wonderful to see so many new faces. Stay in the loop with the PCK PTA by joining the Facebook page here. Please be sure to answer all questions when requesting to join. Watch the page for details on the FLASH SALE coming soon! 

Longmont Dairy Subscribers – Please save your caps. We are working to get PCK back into the Milk Caps for Moola program, and each cap is worth 5 cents for the school. A big thank you to Genie Yu Hamilton for taking the lead on this. 

Spirit Night – Our September Spirit Night will be at Chick-fil-A on Thursday, September 24th. Mention PCK when ordering or put “Spirit Night” in the Special Instructions for curbside and drive-thru mobile orders via the Chick-fil-A One app. Purchases of gift cards do not count for PCK credit. Thank you to Shannon Sanders for leading the Spirit Nights project for the PTA.

Teacher Support – The PTA is working closely with the Classroom Coordinators to support our wonderful teachers. A special thank you to Angie Jackson for leading this project.

News From Our Littlest Learners

Calling all families who have four-year-olds at home, who have friends with four-year-olds, who have nieces or nephews who are four years old… We have four openings in our junior kindergarten program! The two options are Monday-Friday afternoons from 12:45-3:45 pm, and Monday-Wednesday-Friday afternoons from 1:00 – 4:00 pm. It’s not too late to start the school year. Contact us at preschool@ckcs.net for more information.

Getting Creative With Carpool

The Allen family found a fun and healthy way to get to school when the weather is nice! We love the extra exercise that comes with biking to school, and the carpool sign on the handlebars is a nice touch.

Thank You, Safety Dads!

Thank you to Gordon Rowley and Craig Kindred for being this week’s Safety Dads. We truly appreciate your help in keeping our students safe and secure.

We are excited to continue our Safety Dad program this year. Get more information and sign up to volunteer here.

PCK Cares For Hurricane Victims

Thank you to all of the middle school students who braved the crummy weather on Tuesday to help collect donations for the victims of Hurricane Laura. The Parker collection site gathered many supplies and $1,340 in cash donations. The money was used to buy needed supplies which are on their way to Louisiana now.

Thank You!

Thank you to the Jackson family for the big bag of chocolate. You sure know how to take good care of us!

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