From the Director

Would you miss your flight?  We all know that the airline industry places a high priority on timely arrivals and departures.  Passengers who do not arrive at the gate area 15 minutes before their scheduled departure often find that their seat has been released, thus causing them to wait for the next flight later in the day.  While frustrating in the moment, most people understand that schedules are important and must be followed in order to run an effective operation.  Here at PCK, we are not that much different.

School starts promptly at 8 a.m.  When students arrive late, we cannot reschedule them for a later class. Their late arrival causes our operation to get off to a rocky start. Students are often stressed about coming into class late, their late arrival causes a disruption in the classroom, and the student misses important information and/or instructions…which requires the teacher to spend time catching them up, thus interrupting instruction for those students who did arrive on time.

I understand that occasionally there are irregularities in life that cause a late arrival.  An accident on the road to school and challenging weather conditions are two of the most common culprits. However, if arriving at school under normal conditions is treated with the same priority we might give arriving on time at the airport for a flight, we would have far fewer tardies each day.  The goal, of course, is to ensure the smoothest possible start here at school for both teachers and students.  If, however, circumstances cause you to arrive after 8:00 A.M, please remember you must park and walk you child into the school to check them in.

Thank you for respecting the school day schedule and doing your part to ensure your kiddo doesn’t miss his or her “flight” each day.

Regards, Mrs. Aplin 

 Book Fair is Coming

book_fair_clip_art_logoSeptember 30th – Oct 6th 



Volunteer Link through Scholastic 

(Please be courteous to other volunteers and do not sign-up for too many spots!)

Directory App (no published book this year)

….. Is up and running! You will be notified and given your one-time password and instructions via email from directoryontap@gmail.com. The notifications are set to go out late this evening (Thursday). 

Bi-Annual Box Top Competition – September 19-30

Please clip and send in your Box Tops!  Each Box Top collected raises a dime for our school – if each student brings in 10 labels, we can raise $700 and it doesn’t cost any more than time to look in your pantry.  Here’s a link to all the products in the program: http://www.boxtops4education.com/earn/participating-products.  Just look for the pink logo!  Prizes will be given to the class(es) that collect the most.  Please clip Box Tops and turn in to your classroom by Friday, 9/30.

Character Newsletter


Go to complete newsletter. . . . 

Pennies Collected for Kids

Students aloose-changend parents – collect pennies and other spare change (paper money is also accepted) to benefit a charity chosen by the students of PCK. Each classroom will be collecting spare change until Sept. 22nd.  At that time the students will be able to vote on which charity will receive the donations. 

Printing GoMath Homework and the Personal Math Trainer

Please use this video to learn how to print homework from GoMath’s website if your student is absent (and you’d like to get the work before you return to school) AND how to get to the Personal Math trainer.

Carpool Concerns – Pickup

  • N3:20 (Yellow) –  the line for the N3:20 carpool should que up at the corner of Creek Top Avenue, just north of the neighborhood houses. DO NOT pull forward until 3:18pm, avoiding the end of the N3:10 line. 
  • Keep your carpool sign displayed during the entire pickup process
  • Cars should move forward into available space, please do not stop earlier for children.  Students should follow their car up to front of line and enter there. 
  • Please advise your entire carpool to be grouped with the youngest rider so as to be picked up in one stop. 

We thank you for your continued patience as we work out the 16/17 carpool bugs, as well as the issues with the shear volume.  We ask that you consider carpooling with another family. You can find more information and assistance with carpooling through Way to Go (link)

Notable Students


Congratulations to Grace Sjaastad (left) for earning her Karate Black Belt on September 10th and for having the fastest 2-mile run time of this test’s candidates!

Congratulations to Rylatt Murray (middle) for earning her 1st Degree Black Belt as well!

Middle School Happenings

PCK Cares at Denver Rescue Mission
Jedd and Carly served lunch while Sanjit and Sujit organized the pantry.
Feed My Starving Children

MS students worked at this community service a couple of weeks ago. 

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