9/2/16 (Friday Edition)

From the Director

A big thank you to all the parents who attended our Back to School Nights this past week.  It was great to see so many of you in attendance, and my Twitter following is growing by the day!  Thank you!

For those who were unable to join us for one of the general parent sessions, here is a quick recap:
Operational Initiatives for 2016-17 – These are internal efforts to improve our overall operational efficiency in support of academics or safety.
1.  Continued emphasis on technology as a tool.  We are very Future Focused in our efforts to teach students how to use the tools they will need to be successful in the 21st Century.  My internal Tech Team will also create a new Tech Vision to guide our efforts in the next few years.  We are also beginning discussions about a new Tech/Media Center that will combine the resources of our library and tech lab into one new 21st Century learning space.
2.  We have a new, updated and more comprehensive Behavior Management Policy and Consequence Matrix for parent reference.  In response to parent feedback that the discipline process is not well understood by parents and students, the PCK Board asked for an updated policy with clear and distinct consequences associated with common behaviors we deal with here at school.  While still allowing for Administrator discretion, the new policy and consequence matrix will be accessible to parents on our school website under Parent Resources as well as included in our Parent Handbook.  The most visible changes will be more communication between home and school when we need to address behavioral issue.
Download New Discipline Policies
3.  Character education continues to be a priority, with new themes, training and information available to both students and parents.  Our theme this year is:  …and the moral of the story is…Additionally, we will be applying for the National School of Character award.  Related to character education, but really a parallel effort, will be our effort to help develop ‘Gritty’ kids.  I recommended parents read ‘Grit’, by Angela Duckworth to understand why we feel the need to work on Grit.
4.  Safety is always a top priority, and this year we will share our Reunification Plan with all parents.  A reunification operation is when we cannot run our regular carpool dismissal from the school building, and move to an alternate site nearby. Stay tuned for further communication and more information on our website shortly.
Academically speaking, we did not have our PARCC results yet, so Mrs. Harth could not report out.  However, since then the results are out and I’ve asked Mrs. Harth to share them with the PCK community in next week’s Thursday news.  She did, however, stress the importance of having this data so that we can make strategic improvement decisions about our curriculum.  We appreciate the PCK community for supporting all of our assessment windows throughout the year.  I think you will be very pleased with the results 🙂
GoMath! has been implemented in K-4, and the teachers are working hard to help the kids get over the hump of adjusting to a new math program.  Mrs. Harth will stay close to the situation to ensure a smooth implementation.  Look for an invitation to another math meeting on Oct. 27th.  
Finally, the PCK Board of Directors is still working towards a solution to our facility constraints.  They hope to have an announcement shortly, so stay tuned.  I will announce any exciting news via Twitter first, so please consider following me at PCKcharter. 
The year is off to a wonderful start, and I look forward to seeing you at the many class parties and school events throughout the year.  As always, if you have any cause for concern during the school year, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher (first), with a follow-up to Mrs.Harth or me if additional assistance is needed.  Our door is always open to you!
Happy Labor Day!
Mrs. Aplin


September Character Trait – Orderliness 


Definition: Arranging myself and my surroundings to achieve greater efficiency

I will clean up after myself, put things where they belong, avoid clutter, not litter, do things in the right order.

Parent Portal Problems – FYI
Mrs. Heintz can no longer reset your password, etc. in Parent Portal.  Per the district – 
Parents should be using the Password Remind Tool in Parent Portal – Click Orange Help Key>Select Problems Logging In>Enter email address.  System will email them their Username and Password

Sign up for Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are emailed to families through the HelpCounter volunteer system. New families need to create a HelpCounter account to be notified of opportunities, as well as to be able to log their volunteer hours. Please go to the following link: https://www.helpcounterweb.com/ci/volunteer and click “Create New User Name” to create a new account or to log in to an existing account.  For questions, contact Becky Harvey, PCK Volunteer Coordinator at gbharvey7701@comcast.net.

New this year . . .  
This school year we are launching a smart phone app of our school directory. The app will include names, address, phone numbers, email addresses, class rosters, calendars, link to Lunch on the Go, etc.  The information to be included in the school directory is pulled from Infinite Campus student data that was reviewed by you during the check-in process.  If you would like to opt out of any part or all of your household information please go the the link below to opt out. 
 You will be notified when the app is available and given your one-time password and instructions via email from directoryontap@gmail.com.  We expect the app to go live in mid September if not sooner. 

Music Department
Into to Tap Class (5th – 8th)
For those interested in our Spring Musical “Mary Poppins”.  Mrs. Myers will be teaching an Intro to Tap Dance class on Friday afternoons from 3:10 to 4:00, starting September 9th. The class is intended for those who have never tap danced before and are preparing specifically for the Spring Production (5th – 8th). You must register for the class but there is no cost. You will required to have your own tap shoes.  (Register here)

Fall Sports

All students who wish to participate in PCK Athletics must complete a Physicians Release and return the form to the PCK Athletic Director, Travis Cruz. 

For those parents that will be transporting students other than their own, please download and complete the Authorization for use of PrivateVehicle

Spirit Night (Afternoon/Evening) – Wednesday, Sept. 7th 



Yearbook Pictures Needed Year-Round

Photographers needed for Yearbook! If you have a camera and attend school events, please sign-up to be an official school photographer for Yearbook. We need several volunteers to cover all the events at our active school. If interested, please contact Joey Dame at: jjdame@comcast.net Remember, time spent taking pictures count towards your required volunteer hours.


PCK has it’s own photo sharing website! Through the website, we have the ability to upload or download pictures from any computer with access to the website. Missed an event? Check the website to see if another parent may have caught your child in action and download the pictures to your home computer. Attended an event? Help out another parent by uploading your pictures to the website so they can see what they missed. As an added bonus, “shared” pictures are our main resource for our Yearbook photos, so upload those pictures today! Here’s how:

Site: http://skydrive.live.com
Windows Live I.D.: PCKPhotos@hotmail.com
Password: cougars80138

To upload pictures:
 1. Click on the Folder Name where you wish to upload your photo.

 2. Click Upload at the top to transfer your photos.

 3. Now you can directly drag and drop your photos to the upload box or click “select them from your computer” to navigate to where you have stored photos on your personal computer and transfer them for viewing.

Any questions, please email Joey Dame at jjdame@comcast.net

Without you, our yearbook would be empty, so please share!

Middle School Happenings
Special math career presentation. PCK parent Douglas Groetken arranged for one of Charles Schwab’s top financial analysts to illustrate how math is used to catch criminals attempting credit card fraud. One of the hottest and most lucrative careers for the future involves data mining and data analysis, and our 8th graders were encouraged to pursue math careers to prepare them for these great opportunities. Many thanks to Beth Hegland, who is off to London on her next exciting career adventure.
Notable Students

TollinCongratulations to PCK 5th grader Ashlyn Pengilly for winning all-around State Champion in gymnastics for the 2nd year in a row!!  Wow, way to go Ashlyn. Look out Simone Biles!  

Thank Yous

To Peggy Carter for the delicious muffins she brought to us last week.  

To PTA for the new and improved paper cutter for the staff workroom.  



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