Carpool Frequently Asked Questions

carpool-mapBelow you will find some of the more frequently asked questions and answers about our carpool process. If your specific question is not covered below, please feel free to contact our Carpool Coordinator, Sandy Higgins, for more information she can be reached at or 303-840-7070 Thank you.

1. How do I get some help forming a carpool?

PCK has partnered with Way to Go to provide carpool formation assistance to families looking to form carpools with others in their neighborhood. If you have not received a letter from Way to Go in June with a map and list of available families in your neighborhood, please contact our Carpool Coordinator, Sandy Higgins for assistance.

2. What if I don’t want to or can’t carpool with another family?

While the benefits of carpooling with other families are numerous, and it is strongly encouraged by PCK, it is still optional. Where possible, we ask PCK families to help keep our carpool volume down by carpooling with another PCK family. If one family’s students already fills a car, no need to worry.

3. PCK’s carpool process involves staggered release times in the afternoon. How does that work?

Pickup Window Colore Loop
North/Centennial Dr.
South/Pine Dr.
3:10 – 3:20 Green Kindergarten 1st & 2nd
3:20 – 3:30 Yellow 3rd & 4th
3:30 – 3:40 Red 5th – 8th

Our system involves two concurrent loops, with three release times: 3:10, 3:20 and 3:30. Each release time has specific grade levels assigned to it, starting with the youngest students and moving up to middle school students. Older students with younger riders in their carpool will be released at the assigned time of the youngest rider in their carpool. All carpool riders will be waiting with the youngest rider for pick-up. Grades K, 1, & 2 will release at 3:10, Grades 3 & 4 will release at 3:20, 5th – 8th will release at 3:30.

4. Will there be assigned carpool times for the morning carpool?

No. Carpool drop-off will run from 7:35 – 7:55 A.M. Which ever carpool loop (North Loop or South Loop) your carpool is assigned for PM pick-up will be the same loop you will use for drop-off in the morning. There are no staggered/assigned morning drop-off times.

5. Why can’t I pick the carpool time slot that works best for me?

In order to ensure a smooth overall process, we needed to assign groups to specific locations at specific times. This allows for predictability, consistency and control for safety.

6. What happens if I absolutely cannot make my assigned time slot work?

You will need to contact Sandy Higgins to determine the best solution for your specific situation. Exceptions may or may not be approved. Thank you for making every effort to coordinate your carpool for the specified time.

7. What happens if I’m running late and miss my assigned time slot?

Cars bearing the color-coded sign from an earlier release time will be allowed into the carpool line. If you arrive within 5 minutes after the end of your assigned carpool window, your riders will still be available for pickup outside. However, if you arrive after this period your riders will have been moved to the Elementary Science Lab (across from the main office) to await your pick-up. You will need to park and come into the school to check your students out. A fee will be assessed for habitually late pick-ups.

8. What happens if I arrive early for my assigned carpool time? Can I line up early?

Please DO NOT arrive early for your assigned carpool pickup window; there is no incentive to arrive early as your carpool will not be outside waiting for you.

9. Can I switch or trade my assigned carpool time?

No. Carpool times are assigned to entire grade levels. Individual students are not free to move from one time to another or one loading area to another. This would create too much confusion for students, staff and drivers.

10. Where will I pick-up/drop-off my carpool riders?

Each Grade level is assigned a loop, either the North or South loop for both pick up and drop off. The North loop enters the parking lot from Centennial Dr. and the South loop enters from Pine Dr. Students will be picked up and dropped off at the same location (loop) every day, all year long.

11. Will there be anyone available to help my child identify the right car?

Yes. During PM carpool, all classroom teachers will accompany their class outside to the assigned loading area. They will line the students up and wait with them during their assigned carpool window. Any older riders joining a younger rider will wait along with the youngest student’s class.

12. Each carpool time slot has an associated color-coded carpool sign. What do the colors mean and what else is on the sign?

The color-coded carpool signs allow the PCK staff to readily identify the following:

The assigned carpool window
The last name of the youngest rider
The designated Carpool loop – North or South

13. Must my car always have the color-coded carpool sign? What happens if I forget my sign or have a friend pick-up my carpool.

For security reasons, ALL cars must display the appropriate color-coded carpool sign. These signs will be made during the Orientation/Picture Day in early August. Extra signs will be available.

14. Why can’t we make up our own carpool names?

The last name of the youngest rider is the default carpool name because the teacher of the youngest child will be the adult supervising that carpool pick-up and he/she is most familiar with the names of his/her students.

15. What happens during inclement weather, such as lightening or hail?

If the weather is too dangerous to safely load/unload students, we will delay carpool until the weather has passed. If the weather is challenging, but we can still safely load students, we will default to a manual system of calling carpool names. Students will be held inside in a common area, such as the gym and lunchroom, and called out to their normal loading area, at their normal dismissal times. Obviously, this will take longer and parents should expect back- ups and delays. Safety is our top priority during carpool.

16. What happens if the youngest rider in my carpool is out sick? What if I only need to pick up my child and not the entire carpool?

The location and time will remain the same in all cases.

17. What happens if I need to occasionally pick up my child early?

As per our policy, early dismissal for after-school appointments will be permitted up to 2:30 p.m. at the front office. Setup for our carpool process will begin at 2:45 – therefore the parking lot will be closed at that time.

18. Can I park and come pick up my child/carpool?

Our preference would be that parents follow the carpool process as designed. There will not be parking available to accommodate “walkers”. The only available parking during carpool time is along the north perimeter of the Center Park Loop. PCK parents are not allowed to park in the Lincoln Creek Park parking lot. We wish to be good neighbors to the residents of Lincoln Creek.

19. What happens if I am running really late and arrive after 3:45 p.m? Where do I go to pick up my riders?

Parents who, for unforeseen reasons, run late and arrive after 3:45 p.m should call the front office for instructions about where and how to pick-up their student(s).

20. Can I still make arrangements for a friend, neighbor or relative to pick up my students?

Yes, simply give your friend, neighbor or relative your carpool sign (or make an extra one at the Orientation Open House) and instruct them as to your assigned dismissal TIME and ROUTE (North or South). Be sure to have them prominently display the carpool sign on the RIGHT, passenger side of your dash or visor. PCK will release students to cars in the proper loading areas and with the appropriate signage. Finally, it never hurts to contact the front office and advise them of the change. That way, we will be aware and available to help, if needed.

21. Can I make my own carpool sign? What happens if I lose my sign?

For security reasons, PCK will provide all carpool signage. Additional signs can be obtained at the front office.

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