Click on your child’s teacher to access the link to sign up for a conference time slot. If you would like to schedule a conference with a staff member not listed below, please contact that individual directly.

K – 6 Teachers
Mrs. Cook Mrs. Dow-Peterson Mrs. Holton Mrs. Zajac
Miss Donovan Mrs. Miller Mrs. Pack Miss Pieseski
Mrs. Baker Mrs. Church Mrs. Schannuth Mrs. McCarthy (TTI)
Ms. Kurtz Mrs. Robbins Ms. Sitzmann Mrs. Beaumont (TTI)
Ms. Gillen Mrs. Seaback Mrs. Strobel Mrs. O’Connell (TTI)
Mrs. Duran Ms. Gauthier Ms. Mathias  
Mrs. Busser Mrs. Puckett Mr. Thompson  

Middle School
Mrs. Eckert (language arts) Mr. Gile (science) Mr. Goode (humanities) Mrs. Harper (science/math)
Mrs. Nelson (language arts/humanities) Mr. Parkes (math) Mr. Robbins


Conferences with Specials teachers are optional. If you have a concern, feel free to schedule a conference. 

Ms. Brownell (P.E.) Mr. Huebner (P.E.) Mr. Minshall (P.E.)
Mrs. Carmona (Spanish)

Mrs. Obregon (Spanish)

Mrs. Thompson (Spanish)
Mrs. Henderson (tech) Mrs. White (tech)  
Mrs. Myers (music) Mrs. Waltz (music)  
Mrs. Barker (art) Mrs. Fitzrandolph (art)  

Do not use the links below for the February 2021 conferences. These are not active links. Only use the links above to schedule your conferences.

K – 5 and Resource Teachers

Cook Dow-Peterson Koppenhafer Zajac
Donovan Miller, Laura (Jayhawks) Miller, Linette (Tiger) Warburton
Baker Church Schannuth Pack (2nd grade math)
Holton Kurtz Sitzmann Pieseski (3rd grade math)
Carr Seaback Strobel Mrs. Robbins (4th grade math)
Duran Gauthier Mr. Robbins  
Becker Puckett Thompson  

Middle School

Humanities – Goode  
Language Arts – Eckert Language Arts/Humanities – Nelson
Math – Parkes Science/Math – Harper
Math – Bender Science – Gile


Spanish – Obregon Spanish – Carmona Spanish – Thompson
Technology – Henderson Technology – White  
PE – Brownell PE – Cruz PE – Minshall
Music – Myers Music – Waltz Gifted/Talented – Goode
Art – Barker Art – FitzRandolph  

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