2. Governing Body and Committees

2.01 – Board of Directors

The primary role of the PCK Board is to set policy for the Administration to carry out, and to oversee the school’s finances.  The PCK Board meets monthly at a set time and night per month.  Meeting dates and times, along with a meeting agenda, are posted at least 24 hours in advance at the school and on the school’s website.  Meetings are open to all PCK parents.  

The PCK Board of Directors consists of ten members who govern PCK:  Seven (7) elected parents who serve as voting members, the School Director (Ex-Officio member) who is a non-voting member), a Staff Rep (Vice-Director) who is non-voting, and a Teacher Rep, who is also non-voting.  Parents are elected for three year cycles, with a rotation of 2-2-3, and the Teacher Rep serves a two year term.  The School Director is automatically a member of the Board, and the Staff Rep is appointed by the Board. Parents may find a list of all PCK Board members on the school’s website (Link to Board of Directors).

Parents who wish to provide input or raise a concern to the Board will note the following guidelines:

  • All input to the Board must be in writing and should be sent to the Board President at least one week prior to the next calendar meeting.
  • All written input provided in advance will be shared with all Board members for review prior to the Board meeting.
  • Parents who attend the Board meeting and present their request/concern will be allocated a time slot on the meeting agenda
  • The Board President or designee will follow-up with the parent presenter within one week following the Board meeting to communicate any decision, resolution or to request further information

2.02 – Standing Committees

CKCS Building Corporation

The CKCS Building Corporation was incorporated as a non profit corporation under the laws of the State of Colorado in October 1999. Its primary purpose is to construct and maintain a school building to be used for the Parker Core Knowledge Charter School.

Foundation at PCK

Foundation at PCK. The Foundation at PCK is the official fundraising arm of the school.  The vision of the foundation is to create a tradition in fundraising that rivals our tradition of academic excellence at PCK.  The high quality education PCK provides cannot be achieved from the operating budget alone.  It is essential for the foundation to raise additional funds each year for the many school-wide needs that are not covered by our general operating budget.

Mission:  The Foundation at PCK will promote and support the educational advancement of PCK through the development of private resources and charitable donations.

Vision:  To provide financial support to PCK that will enhance the learning environment while upholding a standard of excellence in education.

School Accountability Committee (SAC)

 The SAC is responsible for:

  • Making recommendations regarding academics and school safety issues
  • Review of the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP)

    Administration of Parent Surveys

    Parent Teacher Organization (PTA)

The PCK PTA has as its primary focus the community-building activities and all-school events vital to maintaining a strong, healthy, and engaged school community. Additionally, the PTA provides services for PCK families such as ToolBox School Supplies and Used Uniform sales.


A copy of the Parker CKCS Charter is available for viewing in the main office upon request.

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