7. Parents

7.01 – Home-School Communication

The following guidelines help to ensure good communication between school and home. If you have a problem with a specific teacher, please talk directly with that teacher by phone or by leaving a message. You may contact the school secretary to leave a message or to schedule an appointment. Should concerns continue, contact the School Director. Communication between home and school is of utmost importance to a students growth and sense of confidence that parents and teachers are working together. These regular provisions are made for home-school contact:

1. The full school year calendar will be published on the school website prior to the next school year. Any changes or additions will be included in the Thursday Folder or on the school website.

2. Weekly school news will be published to the PCK website each Thursday (ckcs.net/news).

3. Teacher websites and the Infinite Campus Parent Portal should be checked on a regular basis.

4. In grades K-5, Thursday Folders will be sent home each week. Please take time to review all information in the folder. It will serve as the primary means of disseminating school information. Parents will be asked to sign the folder and/or its contents and return it to the classroom teacher on Friday morning.

5. Throughout the year, PCK may offer before and after school activities. You will be notified of these activities via the Thursday Folder, the website or email. Activities may include anything from dance lessons, Girl or Boy Scouts, extra tutoring, computer club, chess club, sports, or play/music practice.

6. PTA meetings, Back-to-School Night, similar activities, and newsletters are used to inform and involve parents of school happenings.

7.02 – Parent-Teacher Conferences

The conference is a meeting between the parents and teacher(s) of each child to discuss the students progress within the educational program.:

Two formal conference times are scheduled during the school year as indicated on the school calendar. All parents are expected to attend. Grades K-5 conference time is 15-20 minutes. Grades 6-8 have a ten-minute conference time per teacher. You will be notified of when conference sign-up will begin. Sign-up sheets are posted for each teacher in the front entrance of the school. Parents are responsible for scheduling their own conferences. (This makes it more convenient for parents to schedule conferences close together for more than one child/teacher.)

Interim conferences may be scheduled with your childs teacher whenever the need arises. Classroom duties ordinarily prevent teachers from being free for meetings before or during school hours. Please contact the teacher directly to schedule an interim conference.

7.03 – Volunteer Policy

PCK relies on a long-standing tradition of parental involvement to ensure a strong, successful academic program and school operation.  The school’s original charter document requires each PCK family to donate a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer time per year.  Parent volunteers are responsible for recording their volunteer hours online in HelpCounter, and each family is responsible for fulfilling their volunteer time commitment by July 1 of each school year.

During online registration each year, families are directed to HelpCounter to designate their areas of interest/expertise.  This enables the PCK Volunteer Coordinator to match volunteers with needs that arise during the school year, and volunteers are notified by email or through the Thursday Newsletter when needs arise.  Needs may arise within all areas of the school, and through the various organizations that support PCK, such as the Foundation, PTA, SAC or PCK Board.

For those families that simply cannot meet the 20 hours/year/family requirement through actual volunteer time, they may donate $25/hour in lieu of their volunteer time commitment. Once a donation is made, parents can record the ‘hours’ in HelpCounter under the category “$=volunteer time.” All donations will be directed to the Foundation at PCK for general school needs.

Periodically, the school will remind parents of the commitment they made upon registering their child at PCK, and at least twice per year the school will publish on their website a list of all families who have met (either through actual time or donation) or exceeded their volunteer time commitment.                                                                       

7.04 – Grievance Policy for Parents

Definition – A grievance shall mean a complaint by a parent with regard to a perceived inequity as it pertains to their child(ren) with regard to an action or, in some cases, inaction by a teacher, member of the Parker CKCS staff, the Director, or a member(s) of the OC.

Purpose of Grievance Policy – The purpose of this grievance procedure is to secure, at the lowest administrative level, equitable solutions to problems that may arise from time to time.

Grievance Procedure – It is the understanding that any grievance by a Parent should first be directly communicated to the teacher, staff, Director, or OC (via open meeting) prior to any further action being taken. However, if this is not possible, the following procedure should be adopted:

Level One Level Two

Any grievance against a Teacher, Staff, or OC member will be made in writing and submitted to the Director.

Teacher, staff, or OC grievances will be handled by the Director with appropriate levels of communication followed to resolve such grievances.

Any grievance against the Director should be made in writing to the OC.

If the aggrieved party is not satisfied with the disposition of the grievance at Level One, or if no decision has been rendered by the Director within five (5) school days after presentation of the grievance, the grievance may be filed with the OC within ten (10) school days after the initial presentation.

The aggrieved party may call a meeting with the OC to discuss the issue or in lieu of a meeting, the OC will discuss the issue with the Director and determine the necessary course of action.

It is the responsibility of the OC to communicate the outcome to the aggrieved party within thirty (30) days of Level Two notification.


7.05 – Alcohol and Drug-free School

The manufacture , distribution, dispensing, use or function under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances, or illicit drugs is prohibited on Parker Core Knowledge property and at any school sponsored or sanctioned activity or event that occurs off Parker Core Knowledge property where students are present. The possession of alcohol and tobacco is prohibited inside Parker Core Knowledge buildings. Illicit drug use is the use of illegal drugs and the abuse of alcohol and /or other drugs, including anabolic steroids. Controlled substances are drugs specifically identified and regulated under federal law and include, but are not limited to, opiates, narcotics, cocaine, amphetamine and other stimulants, depressants, hallucinogenic substances and marijuana. This policy shall apply to all Parker Core Knowledge employees and /or contract employees.

Observance of this policy is a condition of employment or contracting status, as applicable. A violation of this policy may, at Parker Core Knowledge’s discretion, subject the applicable employee or contractor to immediate suspension, disciplinary action (up to and including termination), and referral for prosecution. At Parker Core Knowledge’s discretion, disciplinary sanctions may include the completion of an approved drug or alcohol abuse assistance or rehabilitation program. However, Parker Core Knowledge is not required to offer rehabilitation in lieu of termination or other discipline to any employee or contractor who has violated this policy.

Any employee or contractor, who is convicted, pleads nolo contendre or who receives a deferred sentence or deferred prosecution under any criminal drug statue for a violation occurring in the workplace shall notify the Director no later than five days after the conviction, entry of the plea or deferred sentence/prosecution. This policy shall not prohibit the use of legal medications prescribed by a medical doctor in accordance with such prescription by the individual to whom such medications were prescribed.

OC approved 1/7/13

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