1. PCK

1.01 Definitions

As used in this Policy Manual, the terms set forth below shall have the following meanings:

  • Board of Directors (BOD) shall mean the Board of Directors of PCK
  • CKCS or PCK shall mean Parker Core Knowledge Charter School
  • District or DCSD shall mean Douglas County School District Re. 1
  • Member means a person who is a member of PCK’s Board of Directors, as set forth in Parker Core Knowledge Charter School’s bylaws
  • Director and Principal mean the head administrator of PCK
  • Parent means a parent or legal guardian of a PCK student

1.02 Mission Statement

Parker Core Knowledge is committed to providing its students an academic advantage by building a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and character, while challenging each individual to become a critical thinker, responsible citizen and future leader.

Guiding Principles

Commitment: We are committed to a philosophy that focuses on the needs of the whole student—intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically. This is a hallmark of PCK and drives the school’s high expectations, high standards, and the consistently high academic achievement of our students.

  • We will respect and adhere to the guidelines presented in our Charter
  • We will offer a well-rounded curriculum including Spanish, technology, physical education, art and music
  • We will consistently evaluate and adjust our curriculum, technologies, strategies and systems to leverage our past successes as well as ensure a high level of achievement among future students
  • We will provide targeted and advanced instruction that will help students exceed standards in reading writing and math
  • We will teach and reinforce strong character traits, both individually and throughout the broader school community
  • We will encourage, acknowledge and reward demonstrations of character in our students from kindergarten through eighth grade
  • We will reinforce the importance of and promote opportunities for volunteerism among the PCK community and the Parker community at large
PCK Board Revision 11/20/08

1.03 Brief History

The idea to establish a school based on the Core Knowledge curriculum and to offer foreign languages began with a small group of parents. These parents shared a commitment to offer an academic environment centered on the content-rich Core Knowledge curriculum. Through their hard work and perseverance, the school charter application was approved. Work got underway to find and prepare a facility in time to open for the 1994/95 school year. On September 6, 1994, Parker Core Knowledge Charter School opened its doors to 164 students, nine teachers, a tutor, three educational assistants, a school secretary, a Principal, and a nine-member governing board.

Today, PCK consists of 700 students, 28 Classroom teachers, 12 Specials teachers, 6 Resource teachers, and various support staff in the classrooms, the Learning Lab and the Front Office. PCK also has a School Director, Vice Director, Preschool Director, and a 10-member Board of Directors (PCK Board). What started as a grass-roots effort to establish a first-rate school based on a strong curriculum with strong parental involvement has flourished. PCK students consistently score among the highest in Douglas County and the state of Colorado on standardized assessments.  

The combined talents and dedication to a true partnership between teachers, students, and parents have resulted in significant success. Today PCK remains committed to maintaining a strong educational environment that develops the skills, talents, and abilities of all its students.

1.04 Director’s Message

Welcome to Parker Core Knowledge (PCK)! PCK is a well-established P-8 public charter school in Douglas County that is known for excellence in academics. Featuring the highly respected Core Knowledge curriculum, and leveraging a strong partnership with parents, the PCK staff works hard to ensure that each and every student is able to reach his or her academic potential; the overarching goal is to place each student on the highest possible track in high school. In addition to teaching the basics of Reading, Writing and Math, PCK also offers a well-rounded education that includes Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Music, Art, Technology, and Physical Education. PCK is proud to graduate strong, disciplined, knowledgeable and enthusiastic student learners who are ready for the academic and leadership challenges of high school and beyond.

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