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Printing GoMath Homework and the Personal Math Trainer


Please use this video to learn how to print homework from GoMath’s website if your student is absent (and you’d like to get the work before you return to school) AND how to get to the Personal Math trainer.

Support Toolsgomath_logo_yellow

Did you know that there are many online support tools available through our new GoMath curriculum? At PCK, 1st –  4th grade students receive extensive training during Tech class in how to access these tools.

Every student’s login is the same as their Google login. Students simply go to to login to their personal GoMath account.

From there, select the Interactive Student Edition. Your students can find sample problems to help them prepare for class or review what was learned in class.

Khan Academy is another great resource where you can find extra support for your children in math. Khan Academy has partnered with NWEA, the MAP test creators, to align lessons according to RIT scores. MAP tests are given three times a year at PCK to help us benchmark what students have learned throughout the year.


Helpful Articles for Parents

How To Cope With An Anxious Child

Tips For A Successful Back-To-School Routine (video clip)

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Suicide Prevention Information

Crisis services

(these are not free but keep an eye open as some may be available in the community and may be covered by organization grants):

Colorado School Safety Resource Center
(No-cost online trainings):

GRIT – Parent Education Presentation 2/22/17

COVID-19 Resources

At home screening for parents and staff

COVID Screening Flowchart

Returning To School After COVID Symptoms

How to Quarantine

What if I need to isolate?

-DCSD Information and Resources

-Helping Children Cope With Changes From COVID-19

Online Homework Tips

Helpful Information About Our School and District

New Family Resource Sheet

2020-21 School Supply Lists

-Information on Full Day Kindergarten

Safety & Security (including Offsite Reunification Plan)

-PCK Behavior Policies and Matrix

Health Services Information

Medication Authorization Form

Gifted Identification

DCSD Code of Conduct

Directory On Tap

-PCK Business Directory

Shop Amazon and earn $$ for PCK

Support Charter Schools

-The Infinite Campus Mobile App is available for your Smart Phone. The District ID is: fngzxv


PCK Photo Sharing Website


Windows Live I.D.:
Password: contact PCK for the password

To upload pictures:

  1. Click on the folder name where you wish to upload your photo.
  2. Click Upload at the top to transfer your photos.
  3. Now you can directly drag and drop your photos to the upload box or click “select them from your computer” to navigate to where you have stored photos on your personal computer and transfer them for viewing.

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Parent Resource Guide

Instructions to Print Tax Statements

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