3rd-5th Grade Curriculum

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Language Arts / English
Reading & Writing Reading & Writing Reading & Writing
Poetry Poetry Poetry
Fiction (Stories; Norse Myths; Greek and Roman Myths) Fiction (Stories; Legends of King Authur) Fiction and Drama (Stories; Shakespeare; Myths and Legends)
Sayings and Phrases Speeches Speeches
  Sayings and Phrases Sayings and Phrases
History and Geography
World Geography (Spatial Sense; Canada; Important Rivers) World Geography (Spatial Sense; Mountains) World Geography (Spatial Sense; Lakes)
Ancient Rome (Geography of Mediterranean Region; Roman Empire; “Decline & Fall”) Europe in the Middle Ages Meso-American Civilizations
The Vikings Spread of Islam and “Holy Wars” European Exploration, Trade and Clash of Cultures
The Earliest Americans Early and Medieval African Kingdoms Renaissance and Reformation
Early Exploration of North America China: Dynasties and Conquerors England from the Golden Age to the Glorious Revolution
The Thirteen Colonies; Life and Times Before the Revolution American Revolution Russia: Early Growth and Expansion
  Making a Constitutional Government Feudal Japan
  Early Presidents and Politics Westward Expansion
  Reformers Civil War
  Symbols and Figures Native Americans: Culture and Conflicts
    U.S. Geography
Geography Early People and Civilizations (Maya, Inca, Aztec) American Government: The Constitution
Visual Arts
Elements of Art Art of the Middle Ages Art of the Renaissance
American Indian Art Islamic Art and Architecture American Art: Nineteenth- Century
Art of Ancient Rome and Byzantine Civilization Art of Africa United States
  Art of China Art of Japan
  Art of a New Nation: The United States  
Elements of Music Elements of Music Elements of Music
Listening and Understanding (Orchestra; Composers) Listening and Understanding (Orchestra; Vocal Ranges; Composers) Listening and Understanding (Composers; Connections)
Songs Songs American Musical Traditions (Spirituals)
Numbers and Number Sense Numbers and Number Sense Numbers and Number Sense
Fractions and Decimals Fractions and Decimals Ration and Percent
Money Money Fractions and Decimals
Computation Computation Computation
Measurement Measurement Measurement
Geometry Geometry Geometry
    Probability and Statistics
Intro to Classifications of Animals Classifying Living Things Chemistry (Atoms; Matter; Elements; Solutions)
Human Body (Muscular, Skeletal, and Nervous Systems; Circulatory and Respiratory Systems) Light and Optics; Sound
Human Body (Vision and Hearing)
Cells: Structures and Processes
Matter Electricity Plant Life Cycles and Reproductions; Structures and Processes
Ecology Geology: Earth and its Changes Human Body
Astronomy Meteorology Chemistry: Matter and Change
Science Biographies Science Biographies Science Biographies

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