K-2nd Grade Curriculum


First Grade

Second Grade

Language Arts / English
Reading & Writing Reading & Writing Reading & Writing
Poetry Poetry Poetry
Fiction Fiction Fiction (Stories; Greek Myths; Tall Tales)
Sayings and Phrases Sayings and Phrases Sayings and Phrases
History and Geography
Geography Geography Geography
Spatial Sense Early Civilizations (Mesopotamia; Ancient Egypt; History of World Religions) Early Civilizations: Asia (India; China)
Overview of the Seven Continents Mexico Modern Civilization and Culture: Japan
    Ancient Greece
Geography Early People and Civilizations (Maya, Inca, Aztec) American Government: The Constitution
Native Americans Early Exploration and Settlement War of 1812
Early Exploration and Settlement American Revolutions Westwar Expansion
Presidents, Past & Present Early Exploration of American West Civil War
Symbols and Figures Symbols and Figures Immigration and Citizenship
    Civil Rights
    Geography of the Americas
    Symbols and Figures
Visual Arts
Elements of Art Art from Long Ago Elements of Art
Sculpture Elements of Art Sculpture
Looking and Talking About Art Kinds of Pictures: Portrait and Still Life Kinds of Pictures: Landscapes
    Abstract Art
Elements of Music Elements of Music Elements of Music
Listening and Understanding Listening and Understanding (Composers; Orchesta; Opera; Ballet; Jazz) Listening and Understanding (Orchesta; Keyboards; Composers)
Songs Songs Songs
Patterns and Classification Patterns and Classification Numbers and Number Sense
Numbers and Number Sense Numbers and Number Sense Fractions
Money Money Money
Computation Computation Computation
Measurement Measurement Measurement
Geometry Geometry Geometry
Plants and Plant Growth Living Things and Their Environments Cycles in Nature (Seasonal Cycles; Life Cycles; Water Cycle)
Animals and Their Needs Human Body (Body Systems) Insects
Human Body (Five Senses) Matter Human Body (Cells; Digestive and Excretory Systems
Introduction to Magnetism Properties of Matter: Measurement Magnetism
Seasons and Weather Introduction to Electricity Simple Machines
Taking Care of the Earth Astronomy Science Biographies
Science Biographies The Earth  
  Science Biographies  

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