Middle School Schedules

Middle school students at PCK rotate between two schedules: A “Yellow Day” schedule and a “Green Day” schedule. To see an overview of how this rotation occurs over the course of the school year, please click here.

On both “Yellow” and “Green” days, students follow a daily period schedule as shown below.

Daily Period Schedule

Name Sequence Start time End Time Lunch Time Non-Instructional
1 1 8:00am 9:07am 0
2 2 9:10am 10:10am 0
3 3 10:13am 11:45am 0
4 4 11:45am 12:28pm 43 x
5 5 12:30pm 2:00pm 0
6 6 2:03pm 3:05pm 0
7 7 3:06pm 3:10pm 0
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