Safety & Security

PCK follows Standard Response Protocol (SRP)

A critical ingredient in the safe school recipe is the uniform classroom response to any incident. Weather events, fires, accidents, intruders and other threats to student safety are scenarios that are planned and trained for by school and district administration and staff. Historically, schools have taken this scenario-based approach to respond to hazards and threats. It’s not uncommon to find a stapled sheaf of papers or even a tabbed binder in a teacher’s desk that describes a variety of things that might happen and the specific response to each event.

 SRP is Action Based

The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) is based not on individual scenarios but on the response to any given situation. Like the Incident Command System (ICS), SRP demands a specific vocabulary but also allows for great flexibility. The premise is simple – there are four specific actions that can be performed during an incident. When communicating these, the action is labeled with a “Term of Art” and is then followed by a “Directive.” Execution of the action is performed by active participants, including students, staff, teachers and first responders.

  • Lockout is followed by the Directive: “Secure the Perimeter” and is the protocol used to safeguard students and staff within the building.
  • Lockdown is followed by “Locks, Lights, Out of Sight” and is the protocol used to secure individual rooms and keep students quiet and in place.
  • Evacuate is always followed by a location, and is used to move students and staff from one location to a different location in or out of the building.
  • Shelter is always followed by a type and a method and is the protocol for group and self protection.

These specific actions can act as both a verb and a noun. If the action is Lockdown, it would be announced on public address as “Lockdown! Locks, Lights, Out of Sight.” Communication to local Law Enforcement Agency would then be “We are under Lockdown.” Each response has specific student and staff action. The Evacuate response is always followed by a location: “Evacuate to the Bus Zone.” Responses can also be combined: “Evacuate to Hallway; Shelter for Tornado; Drop, Cover and Hold.”

Parents, in the event an emergency happens inside, outside, or near the school, you will receive a brief text from Douglas County (if you are opted-in: you can text “Yes” to 68453 to opt in) letting you know what is going on. In this moment, it is important for you to understand the difference between a LockOUT and a LockDOWN. Click here to read more.

Reunification Plan

Off-site Evacuation and Reunification Process

Students will be led off the school property as illustrated by the arrows on the map below. They will proceed to their designated spot around the loop and be stationed by grade level .   Parents will be allowed into Center Park Loop at both Village Creek and Centennial Dr. The flow will be controlled by PCK staff and/or law enforcement officers.  It is very important that parents follow directions, stay in car, and proceed as directed. 

Parents will follow the one-way flow of traffic moving between the inside lane for student pickup and the outside lane for through traffic.  There will be grade/class signage noting each grade/class location. Children must enter the vehicles on the left side for safety purposes. Parents will proceed around the loop gathering their children and then exit the circle via Centennial Dr.  The class teacher will be responsible for having parents/guardians sign out each child.  Carpool riders (other than your own children) may also be picked up using this process.  We ask parents that are picking up someone else’s child to notify that child’s parent that they have completed the pickup process. 

If the weather proves to be inclement, district buses will be called to shelter the students during the pickup process, or they may be transported to Chaparral High School. Additionally, DCSD will provide support resources to help manage the situation until it is resolved.

At some point in time, Douglas County School District may take over communications through Infinite Campus.  Their job will be to provide further information or instructions as dictated by the situation. Please make sure your communication settings are correct in Infinite Campus (sign into IC parent portal to review). 


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