Staff Directory

To contact any member of the staff, please direct an email to them using the following address formula: Staff First Initial + Staff Last

For example, you can reach our website designer, Drew Robbins, at

School Directors

Teri Aplin • School Director
Johanna Harth • Vice Director
Kristi Resler • Preschool Director

Instructional Support

Heather Chapman • Business Manager
Dawn Coyle • Staff Services Specialist
Dianne Daniels • Character Coach/Communications Specialist
Jeremiah Elfers • Systems Administrator
Sandy Higgins • Office Support Specialist
Sara Mundt • Student Services Specialist
Heather Newbrough • Human Resources Manager
Kelly Johnson • School Receptionist
Nancy Redfern • Registrar and Data Assessment Specialist
Debbie Smith • School Nurse
Martha Wright • Librarian

Elementary Teachers

Clicking on a teacher’s name will take you to their classroom website.

Heidi Cook • Kindergarten Teacher
Amy DowPeterson • Kindergarten Teacher
Debbie Koppenhafer• Kindergarten Teacher
Jenni Zajac • Kindergarten Teacher

Lindsay Donovan • 1st Grade Teacher
Linette Miller • 1st Grade Teacher
Rebekah Pack • 1st Grade Teacher
Becca Pieseski • 1st Grade Teacher

Jordan Baker • 2nd Grade Teacher
Lisa Church • 2nd Grade Teacher
Stephanie Schannuth • 2nd Grade Teacher

Tara Kurtz • 3rd Grade Teacher
Sarah Robbins • 3rd Grade Teacher
Lisa Sitzmann • 3rd Grade Teacher

Allison Gillen • 4th Grade Teacher
Kate Seaback • 4th Grade Teacher
Kari Strobel • 4th Grade Teacher

Andrea Duran • 5th Grade Teacher
Drew Robbins • 5th Grade Teacher
Jennifer Gauthier • 5th Grade Teacher

Kayla Busser • 6th Grade Teacher
Heather Puckett • 6th Grade Teacher
Trustin Thompson • 6th Grade Teacher

Middle School Teachers

Clicking on a teacher’s name will take you to their classroom website.

Laurie Bender • Math Teacher
Wendy Eckert • Language Arts Teacher
Patrick Gile • Science Teacher
David Goode • Humanities Teacher
Stephanie Harper • Math and Science Teacher
Margaret Nelson • Humanities and Language Arts Teacher
Richard Parkes • Math Teacher


Clicking on a teacher’s name will take you to their classroom website.

Ladonna Barker • Art Teacher
Kim Fitzrandolph • Art Teacher
Krystal Myers • Music Teacher
Aundrea Waltz • Music Teacher
Heather Brownell • P.E. Teacher
Travis Cruz • P.E. Teacher
Trevor Minshall • P.E. Teacher
Adelaida Carmona • Spanish Teacher
Marianna Obregon • Spanish Teacher
Christie Thompson • Spanish Teacher
Sasha Henderson • Technology Teacher
Heather White • Technology Teacher

Resource Teachers

Susan Bennett
Ellen Hall
Sarah Holton
Misty Jenkins
Caidyn Lang
Jodi McCarthy

Special Service

Tiffany Barker • Speech-Language Pathologist
Pia Carey • Speech-Language Pathologist
Beata Gorodess • Learning Specialist
Kristen Goode • Gifted Education Coordinator/SPED Teacher
Lesa Gerlach • Occupational Therapist
Hannah Berry • Psychologist

Aides – Lunchroom and Recess

Kelly Amick
Susan Claxon
Lisha Curtis
Erin Dobkin
Rena Makino
Lisa Smith
Julie Terrill
Nancy Yohn

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11661 Pine Drive
Parker, CO 80138

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